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Anna Polina

Her biography

Anna Polina is a Russian actress born in 1989 in the ex-USRR and came to settle in France at the age of 10 years. It is 19 years since she began her career in porn using multiple nicknames : Lea Delams and Lilith Marshall. Its career began definitively in 2010 with his new nickname : Anna Polina. She participated in over 50 films. Unlike Lola Dream, Anna Polina does not wish to keep his cap A and decides to have a breast augmentation to switch to a D cup His first film shot with this generous chest Anna Pornochic.

Her filmography

Anna Polina is a star with Marc Dorcel. She participates to the famous series Russian Institute or Soubrettes Services. She plays in real blockbusters like The Journalist or Inglorious bitches.

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  • Ma vraie orgie libertine - DVD Marc Dorcel New

    My real swinger orgy


    "I never would've thought it possible, it was...

  • La journaliste

    La journaliste


    The movie of the year !...

  • Enterrement de vie de jeune fille au Caraïbes

    Enterrement de vie de jeune fille au Caraïbes



  • After Party Bitches

    After Party Bitches


    Neglected by her husband, Adriana decides to go...

  • Family affair

    Family affair


    Georgio takes Greta, his new fiancée, and Sylvia,...

  • The Ultimate Anthology - 6 DVD pack

    The Ultimate Anthology - 6 DVD pack


    + de 19 hours, + de 160 scenes,...

  • L'innocente

    The Ingenuous


    Prepare yourself for an exceptional experience within the...

  • Luxure l'éducation de mon épouse - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Luxure the education of my wife


    To satisfy their husbands, these beautiful creatures obediently...

  • Les soubrettes de Madame - DVD Marc Dorcel

    The Lady's maids


    These four gorgeous French maids in uniform are...

  • Mes nuits en prison - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Hot nights in prison


    Inside this very special prison, there is one...

  • Les filles du régiment

    Les filles du régiment


    Lesbian in army...

  • Orgy II, the XXX championship

    Orgy II, the XXX championship



  • Mademoiselle de Paris

    Mademoiselle de Paris



    Erotic Paris, Paris with its secret affairs and...

  • Russian Institute 15 : Anna's sisters

    Russian Institute 15 : Anna's sisters


    Vivez 24 h dans la vie du «...

  • Anna - Pornochic 20

    Anna - Pornochic 20


    Anna Polina, c'est la française qui monte en...

  • Anna, a very personal assistant

    Anna, a very personal assistant


    Anna est depuis quelques mois employée comme secrétaire...

  • Inglorious Bitches - version collector

    Inglorious Bitches - version collector


    Avec cet « Inglorious Bitches » signé Max...

  • Prostitution



    Le monde de la prostitution s'ouvre à vous...

  • La Fille du Parrain

    La Fille du Parrain


    It's not so easy when you're the boss...

  • anna apprentie soubrette

    Anna apprentie soubrette


    Pour ce nouvel opus consacré aux soubrettes, Hervé...

  • Orgy, the XXX Championship

    Orgy, the XXX Championship


    3 Réalisateurs - 3 Orgies - 60 acteurs...

  • Russian Institute 16 : Lolitas

    Russian Institute 16 : Lolitas


    Pour cette rentrée, le « Russian institute »...

  • Les Parisiennes Libertines - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Parisian Pleasure Seekers


    Although at first sight Anna, Cécilia, Lucy and...

  • Anna la gynecologue - DVD Dorcel

    Anna la gynecologue


    Le Docteur Anna Polina est la gynécologue la...

  • Claire, la scandaleuse - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Claire, scandalous girl


    You are invited to the gorgeous Claire Castel's...

  • Les serveuses - DVD Dorcel

    Les serveuses


    C’est un petit restaurant comme il en existe...

  • Manon, secrétaire débutante - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Anna 25 ans Assistante Sociale


    Anna 25 ans Assistante Sociale - DVD Marc...

  • Russian Institute 21 : Punitions - DVD Marc Dorcel

    Russian Institute 21 : Punishments


    First sexual experiences, 19 year old students, authoritarian...

  • Femmes de footballeurs XXX - DVD Dorcel

    Footballers Housewives


    In a world where money, fame, sex and...

  • La Jeune Avocate

    A Novice Lawyer


    Struggles for power, money, sex and corruption. This...

  • anna polina infinity - DVD DORCEL

    Anna Polina Infinity


    Relive the most intense and visually stimulating scenes...

  • Les gros seins de l'infirmière

    My busty nurse


    Welcome to this very special hospital, where all...

  • L'orgie de l'apocalypse

    The Last Shag


    If the end of the world happened tomorrow,...

  • Coffret Anna Polina

    Coffret Anna Polina


    Coffret Anna Polina est composé de 2 DVD...

  • Gang Test Anal 3 : Sex Shop Special

    Gang Test Anal 3 : Sex Shop Special


    GTA 3, c'est un nouveau casting de 4...

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