The following scenario is inspiration meant to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances, constitutes user instructions to be followed by the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relations that must be mutually agreed to and in which you and your partner must both freely decide on your desires and your limits. So be attentive and have fun!


You have both been very busy recently and you haven’t had much chance to spend time together just the two of you, especially to be intimate. To take control of things and take care of her, tell her to meet you at a romantic hotel.


A few minutes before your meeting time, send her a message to explain that you are going to be a bit late and tell her to wait for you in the room.


You have prepared a romantic setting with flowers, rose petals scattered over and around the bed. She enters the room where she finds a package that you have left on the bed with her name on it. The card reads: ‘My love, it’s been a while since we spent quality time together. Open this package. It contains a bodice, stockings as well as a blindfold. Put them on and send me a message.’


So she puts the bodice and stockings on and sends you a message to let you know that she has done it. Now the tension goes up a notch, has she blindfolded herself? She admits that she hasn’t. You answer, telling her to make herself comfortable on the bed, to put the blindfold on and to wait.


You arrive accompanied by another man who will stay silent and watch you having sex. Of course, you have chosen this man with her, long before this session, but she wasn’t sure that it was for today…

You see that she has followed all your instructions to the letter. She waits for you, almost totally lying on the bed, very sexy, in her bodice and with her mask over her eyes.

You approach her softly and whisper in her ear that another man is there and that he’s watching you. She squirms with excitement.

You begin to caress her softly with a caressing feather. You caress her entire body with it and watch her arch with pleasure.


She squirms under your caresses and you slip you fingers in her already moist pussy. You take your Lelo sex toy out of her case. It is her favourite, it stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot, and you know how to use it… The man gulps, his voyeuristic excitement becomes palpable. She is still wearing the blindfold, you whisper in her ear, you describe the reactions of the man watching you.


You begin to lick her body with your tongue, biting her in places. You undo her bodice very slowly to keep her waiting. You open a bottle of edible massage oil, put a finger on her mouth so that she can taste it and begin to caress her by brushing against her vulva. Then you taste the oil by pressing you mouth against her perfumed pussy. All of her nerves are raw, blindly, she watches out for your movements and the voyeur’s breathing. You get closer and closer to her vagina which is waiting for you. You savour her desire and each of her movements of pleasure turn you on even more, as it does to the man who is watching you.


You take the Lelo sex toy again and lubricate it plentifully. You caress the edge of her moist vagina and softly penetrate her with the sex toy. You continue to whisper what you see in her ear whilst she trembles with pleasure: you describe it, ‘you’re so beautiful, your pussy is soaking…’ and you tell her how the man is reacting, ‘he is watching you, I think he is as hard as I am…’.


She begs you to make love to her, you turn her over on all fours to offer the voyeur a magnificent view from behind, and you penetrate her vigorously, to the point of ecstasy.


After you have made love, you send the man away and remove the blindfold from your wife’s eyes. You kiss her passionately, she is still trembling with pleasure.