The following scenario is inspiration intended to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances does it constitute a set of user instructions to be followed to the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relationships that must be mutually consented to and you and your partner must both freely decide on what your fantasies and limits are in this regard. So listen carefully and have fun!


A vibrating egg for unusual pleasure


You have finally managed to catch a moment just the two of you, without being pushed for time, and without anything or anyone disturbing you. It’s true that lately, it’s been non-stop for both of you, and obviously, your sex life has suffered. You want to find the flame that you had in the beginning and to spice up your love making. For this purpose, tell her to meet you at her favourite bar or restaurant.


Champagne is a must for celebrating your sexual reunion. When you make a toast, present her with a beautiful gift box that she can open discreetly.

Hold her gaze as she opens it, you will love seeing her get flustered and blush a little. She already knows that she is going to have an evening like no other. It’s a remote-controlled vibrating egg.


To get each other aroused, discreetly caress her leg under the table, whisper sweet nothings to her. Madam doesn’t like to expose herself in public? It’s time to ask her to go to the toilet and discreetly slip in the vibrating egg. To make inserting the egg as pleasant and as easy as possible, bring some lubricant that you can give to her at the right moment.


She comes back to join you at the table as if nothing had happened. You caress your remote control whilst looking her in the eyes… Start gently, allow her to gradually become more and more aroused. You’re the one in charge! You have the remote control, and your vibrating egg will do whatever you desire. She is under your control, you decide when, and how intensely to turn her on. You savour your glass of champagne, observing the other diners, the waiters walking past you, the man looking at you at the next table… She only has eyes for you and the remote control, and soon, after a series of vibrations one after another, she forgets about everyone around you.


You decide to leave the restaurant but your little game is not over yet.


You walk around the busy streets, hand in hand, and the remote control in the other hand… You walk close by to people who don’t suspect anything, she is tense with sexual excitement, she expects, fears and hopes for each variation of her pleasure according to your whim, and you are playing at surprising her. Increase the vibrations, slow them down, she is completely submissive to your desires. When she is not expecting it, you can make her crazy with desire!


Make up small games between you, ask her to get the temperature rising, to make you want to press down harder and faster on the remote control…

Give her ways to earn points, such as showing you her breasts or removing her sexy underwear in the doorway of a building, and if she satisfies you, reward her with a few vibrations to take her just short of climax. Soon, you will both be filled with desire, and you will want just one thing: to go home to get to down to the real thing!


For all that, there is no reason why you can’t extend your pleasure. Perhaps you had planned an evening with friends.. Continue to play with your remote control, and modulate the vibrations from a distance, while she speaks with her friends or sways her hips on the dance floor.


Once you get back home, you can let your desires run wild… And if you liked these arousing games, why not prolong the pleasure given by the remote-controlled vibrating egg with a vibrating cock ring? You will both feel the vibrations and you’ll heighten the pleasure by sharing it…