It’s just the two of you this weekend, no work, no kids, no friends to see. Just the two of you. You have had little time to spend together recently and this weekend comes at the right time for you to come together. You have decided to take care of him (and yourself…) so you have got everything ready and turned your flat into a true love nest.


When he gets home, you welcome him in an outfit that he likes, sexy but not too provocative, and explain to him that to help him forget the tough week he has had, you have a very special weekend planned for him.

You serve him a glass of champagne and invite him to follow you to the bathroom where you have created a romantic atmosphere: candles, romantic music… You have a run a bath with bubbles, with a few rose petals.

You take off your clothes letting them slide over your body on to the floor, you get into the bath and ask him to do the same. You start to massage him and to caress him to get him to relax.

At the end of the massage, you ask him to get out of the water and dry him gently, you caress all of his body with the towel, you pat his skin and graze his sensitive areas… You then head to the bedroom, scattering rose petals, all the way to the bed. He follows you nervously. You have carefully created as romantic an atmosphere in the bedroom as in the bathroom. You have lit candles perfumed with enticing fragrances to create a very erotic atmosphere.

You disappear for a few moments to put on some sexy lingerie. He waits for you on the bed.

You take some sensual massage oils and begin to massage him, first on the back, arms, legs, buttocks, getting closer and closer to his strategic points. The more you massage him, the more you feel him relax and feel his desire grow. You ask him to remove your lingerie and to cover you in oil so you can continue the massage… using your entire body. He undresses you and spreads oil over every inch of your skin. You get him to lie down and begin to massage him with your breasts, your buttocks…

You grab a wand and you stroke his body, gradually getting closer to his sensitive areas. He squirms with pleasure. You caress his buttocks, massage and knead his perineum, before penetrating him with a prostate stimulator or a vibrating anal stimulator for men… You give him the wand and offer yourself to him, getting on all fours in front of him, pointing your backside towards his face. You continue to massage his prostate, but when he is about to reach climax, you turn him around and suggest a new toy: an anal plug and vibrating cock ring kit… The delights of the vibrations around his penis, against your clitoris and inside his anus, and his erection that is even harder thanks to the cock ring… you both explore the heights of pleasure that are as deep as they are intense, and all of your tensions explode in a devastating orgasm…

You are both now perfectly relaxed.