A sexy board game and a sex toy for group pleasure.

The following scenario is inspiration intended to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances does it constitute a set of user instructions to be followed to the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relationships that must be mutually consented to and you and your partner must both freely decide on what your fantasies and limits are in this regard. So listen carefully and have fun!

This evening, you have invited round a couple of friends. Like you, they are sexually debauched and you are planning on a saucy evening of naughty little games. You have dressed for the occasion, the lady has put on her best dress and the gentleman has donned his sexy underwear. You have laid on condoms and lubricant, and you have lit an aphrodisiac candle. For an unforgettable time, start by warming things up as is proper.

And what better way to break the ice than with a sexy board game: you enter more and more into the spirit of things as you answer the most personal of questions, and the temperature rises with each forfeit… Truth or dare? Perfect foreplay, so much fun going from the softest to the naughtiest …

Because this is only the start: the excitement grows with each forfeit secret. You suggest dare, letting fate decide: Fate and pleasure cards or simple naughty dice, everyone designates a thrower and a target and then the evening really gets going… Your guest designates his wife and the lady of the house, “kiss her breasts”, and that leads to a steamy lesbian show, that is already getting the men hot under the collar.


The lady then designates her female guest to play and the man as the target, and fate suggests that lady of the house lets her friend suck the master of the house’s hard penis. The male guest doesn’t hold back and masturbates while watching his wife pleasure the man of the house. You give him the dice and he designates the lady as the target: with the use of a sex toy. The lady offers him her moist pussy and he dives between her open thighs, after coating the vibrating sex toy with lube… Already close to orgasm, the lady goes over to her female guest to fondle and lick her while casting a knowing glance at her husband, who the insatiable female guest is still sucking.


The ice is now broken for sure and everyone has forgotten about the dice and forfeits. The lady then sits on the gentleman’s penis while your female guest slides her tongue over both your intimate parts and the male guest fucks his wife doggy style while feasting his eyes on the scene. Very quickly, the woman looks into his eyes and he slips on a condom to change partner. The gentleman is then jumped on by your female guest who mounts him while kissing her husband. The excitement levels have now reached their peak.

Let your desires run wild, swap partners as you like with your desire your only guide.

For maximum pleasure, as well as safety, make sure you have enough condoms available to change each time you swap partners: there are no other limits to your urges and fantasies!

To finish off with a bang, the ladies then start to suck on their partners’ hard penises again. Your guest then ejaculates all over his partner’s ample chest, who spreads over the sperm while greedily looking at the man of the house. She then joins the lady to give the man of the house a double blowjob, both their tongues running over his penis that is now about to explode, under the knowing gaze of the male guest. The gentleman then ejaculates over the two sets of breasts, while the women kiss each other as they look at him and fondle each other’s breasts which are now dripping with sperm and oozing sexual delight.


Sounds like a great night, doesn’t it?