The following scenario is inspiration intended to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances does it constitute a set of user instructions to be followed to the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relation that must be mutually agreed to and in which you and your partner must both freely decide on your desires and your limits. So listen carefully and have fun!
It’s a weekday and you are both at work but you are thinking about him. You send him a very flirtatious photo of your cleavage, enhanced by your sexy bra and you say in the message that there might be more… but that he will have to earn it.


Straight after sending the first message and without giving him time to reply, you send him a second one in which you ask him to first send you a photo of the back of his neck, then a photo of his mouth while reminding him how much these parts of him turn you on…


A few minutes later, your phone vibrates. It’s the first photo of the back of his neck. Delighted but not surprised that he is joining in your little game, you don’t reply and wait for the next one. The phone vibrates again and displays a photo of his sexy mouth. You really want to sink your teeth into it.


To reward him, you take a quick photo of your chest knowing that he won’t be able to stop there.


After letting him stew for a few minutes, you then ask him to write you a message to get you even more turned on: a sizzling erotic scenario or a fantasy that he would like to fulfil with you right now. What he would like to do to you… He has a very good imagination and you can’t wait for the message. Things are already getting hot. You think about the sex toys that you keep in your special drawer and you instinctively slide the phone down between your legs, to brush against your vulva through your clothes. Your phone vibrates to announce a new text has arrived… A fairly long message is displayed on the screen. He tells you about a steamy sex scene on your desk, a tongue being used, a skirt lifted up, fingers disappearing into very intimate areas.


Now feeling really turned on, you reward him by sending him a photo taken from a very explicit position which could be from his erotic sex scene, revealing the tops of your sexy stockings – you write that you are dying for him to rip them off.
Sure that this will have the same effect on him as it does on you, you ask him to send you a new photo to show how it is making him feel… but without slipping off into a secluded area.

He does what you ask and sends you an extremely explicit image of his already throbbing penis, which is sticking out of his tie-up boxers – your favourites. He is now massively turned on… You then lift up your skirt under your desk and send him a photo of your quivering pussy with your legs wide apart, by pulling your already wet knickers to one side…


To want to take this game all the way: you grab your Magic Motion vibrator, and order him to log on to his Magic Motion app… Now, his voice controls your pleasure by Bluetooth, and you buzz to the rhythm of his orders and sighs.

He is talking faster and faster and you know that he is about to cum as well and the vibrations become more powerful with each word moaned through pleasure, “it’s so good”, “mmmmh… “, you very quickly reach max vibrate mode and head into orbit… You long to feel him inside you so much that you put your connected sex toy as deep inside as possible until the very last drop of pleasure caused by the orgasmic vibration.


Your phone vibrates, he sends you a photo of his penis coated in sperm as proof of his explosive ejaculation. Breathless, you compose yourself and send him a final photo of your soaking vagina… “It was so good, I can’t wait to see you tonight… Be ready to satisfy me with your amazing penis.”