The following scenario is inspiration intended to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances does it constitute a set of user instructions to be followed to the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relationships that must be mutually consented to and you and your partner must both freely decide on what your fantasies and limits are in this regard. So listen carefully and have fun!

A waterproof sex toy for a saucy moment al fresco

You want to spend time with one another, reconnect, recharge your batteries and not think of anything else but you two. To do that, you have booked a room in a charming hotel. Your stay is even more romantic because you have chosen a hotel with a swimming pool. You think of all the possibilities, you are going to move into action and spend a moment of passion together… out in the open.

Alone in your hotel room, after some pleasant caressing, you slide in between her legs and go down on her passionately. Whilst she writhes with pleasure from the licks of your tongue, you get out the geisha balls, and once you have covered them with lots of lubricant, you insert them into her vagina…When you resume cunnilingus on her with greater intensity, the feel of your tongue combined with the vibrations of the ball inside her take her to the brink of orgasm. At this moment you stop, and suggest that you go down to the swimming pool… with the Geisha balls still inserted.

In your towel, you discreetly hide a waterproof sex toy and a waterproof vibrating egg that you take along with you.

In the swimming pool, begin by playing innocent games, you touch her and tease her, and you enjoy when she swims next to you, imagining the Geisha balls moving around inside her vagina. You stroke her back, the curve of her waist, her buttocks, and you pin her against the side of the swimming pool to kiss her full on the lips. She wraps her legs around you and rubs against your penis under the water… You slide your fingers in between her legs, she sighs with pleasure, you caress one another furtively for a few long minutes, hidden by the water jets, trying to avoid anyone seeing you… Unless you are lucky enough to spot a complicit voyeur which would add to your excitement.

You take her into a booth and remove the Geisha balls replacing them with a remote-controlled vibrating egg, before going back to the side of the pool. There, you take the remote control and you begin to tease your partner with an unpredictable series of vibrations, whilst she tries to remain calm under the gaze of the other swimmers. She sighs, squirms, flushes, twists around… When you see that she can’t take it anymore, you take her into the water once more with your waterproof sex toy, and you put your body right against hers in a corner of the pool. Under the water, you push the sex toy against her clitoris and make her tremble with pleasure until she shakes uncontrollably.

At this moment, you are both completely filled with desire… You remove the sex toys and hide them under your towel at the side of the pool, and you pull her bathing suit to the side with your fingers and slide your penis into her moist vagina.. Don’t hesitate to use a silicon based lubricant if you want to make this underwater moment last, to compensate the drying effect of the water!


You penetrate her, back and forth, as discreetly as possible, and you press your fingers against her mouth to keep her quiet. She comes very quickly holding in her cries of pleasure, but you haven’t finished and you really want a little more intimacy.


You take her to your room, to finish your lovemaking in total freedom, and with fireworks.