But how do they do?

Men and women who make love on screens seem tireless. Women can unfailingly hold dozens of partners, men are permanently erect…

We know that this is impossible. Today’s viewers know the secrets behind the production of adult films. The endless scenes that feature actors performing a succession of practices and positions are not shot in a continuous sequence, these sex experts can do poses, the time of a makeup fix and a little well-deserved rest… Above all, it is necessary to stop for a moment to allow the technical team to get back in place to shoot the scene from another angle, redo the lighting, move the cameras. These moments of rest are therefore well deserved.

But that doesn’t explain everything.

Imagine what all these complications, not to mention the heavy presence of the technical teams, would do to your erection or your excitement… Ovidie, in Osez… Tourner Votre Film X, described the stress of the hardcore man feeling his failure to come. “Everyone is waiting for you, or at least waiting for you to start your “machine”. The more you realize you’re expected, the more you stress, the less you get hard. The less hard you get, the more stress for the director and your partner.”

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So, there are pro-tips.

In the early days of erotic cinema, producers hired female understudies to prepare the actors by giving them a head before shooting. This is an activity that today belongs to the past and to the legend of erotic industry. The tricks, because there are some, are sometimes simpler. The scenes of generous ejaculation are recorded at the beginning of the shootings, when the actors are in great shape! Hardcore actors are men who know how to use their imagination, drawing on their fantasies to maintain their excitement. Just like you, when you imagine yourself in bed with Yasmine – you’ve seen too much of Yasmine and the masseuses. This is a first-rate aphrodisiac.

But nothing prevents you from taking a Chronoerect capsule, containing Muira Puama among other ingredients. Muira puama, or bandaged wood, is a small tree from the Amazonian forest used for a very long time by the Amazonian Indians to treat impotence. Unless you prefer trusting Rocco Siffredi, who comes to the rescue of failing virility. The Developing Cream by Rocco Siffredi will give you an impressive erection, it will develop your penis before intercourse and delay ejaculation. But there are other products that can help you.

The entire Sexual Expert product line has also been shown to achieve the best sexual performance. From the delaying gel to the developing cream, you will find all the products to ensure endurance and pleasure. 

Amateurs of erotic toys prefer trusting a good old cockring “play and love”, to discover in our Dorcel range. The easiest male sextoy to use. Just put it at the base of the erect penis to keep the stiffness for a long time. The cockring is an effective delaying agent. By compressing the penis, it prevents the blood from falling back and maintains the erection at its optimum.

And if it still doesn’t work, if the size of your penis still seems unworthy of the performance you dream of, remains the ultimate remedy, a penis pump…

Do hardcore actors use all this?

Not all of them, but in case of emergency some would even have remedies for treatments that we advise you not to try. What would you do if you had an erection for several hours?

As for women, they don’t have these performance problems, they just need to be open to all kinds of solicitations, including anal. On the other hand, a good lubricant will only increase the sensations tenfold and make the pleasure even more satisfying. Dorcel lubricants are perfect because they meet all needs and tastes, kissable, or 2 in 1 massage, with water or silicone, choose your perfume: hammam, monoï, mojito or even fresh…etc. 

For extreme cases they can use a lubricant from the Fist-it product line, which promises to perform fisting in total comfort with this thick desensitizing and long-lasting lubricant. It should therefore be ideal for a simple sodomy, even if filmed in very close-ups.

And too bad if you can’t match the performances of actors and actresses in adult movies, you still have the pleasure to contemplate their performances.

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