Today, you left work early to buy few things… which gave you a few cheeky ideas. When you get home, you transform you bathroom into a bonafide love nest. You heat the bathroom, draw a bath with bubbles and you place candles around the room so that the lighting is dim and romantic. You have also made sure that the music is just right for love and relaxation. Finally, you have also made sure you have massage oils or massage candles for a real moment of relaxation and fun with your other half.


Your partner gets back from work not suspecting what awaits him. To get him in the mood, you have laid out a trail of your clothes and sexy underwear for him to follow. You begin with your shirt, and then your skirt, your stockings, your sexiest bra and finally, your sexiest panties right outside of the bathroom door. When he enters, your other half discovers you naked waiting for him seductively.


You have a bottle of wine and two glasses waiting, and you pour him a glass as soon as he enters, inviting him to join you in the bath.

He gets undressed and gets in the bath nice and close to you. Whilst sipping your glass of wine, you begin giving him a sensual massage with some oil or an erotic massage candle which simultaneously gives off an enticing smell. Your hands explore his body and you feel his heart beating faster and faster. You kiss him tenderly on the shoulders, on his neck, behind his ears, massaging him all the while.


Once your partner is relaxed, you decide that it’s time to get to the more serious stuff and surprise him by switching on your vibrating rubber duck. You start to sensually caress yourself in front of him, and glide the duck over your body, before burying it in between your legs. You tease him openly for several minutes whilst he stares at you greedily.


Filled with sexual excitement, you lift yourself out of the water and sit on the edge of the bathtub inviting him to lick you voraciously. Bursting with desire, he dives in between your open legs and feverishly complies. You give into his tongue, which licks your entire hot body lingering over the most receptive parts of your anatomy. After a lot of caressing, biting and licking, you take his hand and direct him out of the bath.


Naked and dripping, you take a towel and softly dry his body paying particular attention to the most strategic parts. You pat, stoke and caress his skin… and his penis is already very hard. You press your moist body against his and you wrap the towel around you both whilst French kissing him. He grasps you and his penis rubs against your stomach, slides in between your legs… You free yourself from his embrace and push him away, gently but firmly… Another surprise awaits him: an adult movie night. You ask him to go get the tray of surprises that you have prepared in the kitchen. On the tray, you have left an adult film to inspire you, some erotic accessories, some lubricant and some sex toys… You languidly lie across the sofa in the living room and wait for him to return with the tray, certain that he will like your surprise.


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