You are both at home and you are busy in the kitchen preparing a meal. Your man joins you in the kitchen and offers to help, teasing you. To keep him quiet, you take a spoon and you ask him to close his eyes and ask him to taste ‘something’.

He complies. While he has his eyes closed, put a tablespoon of the sauce you’ve been preparing into his mouth ensuring that you let a little drip onto his chin. When he raises his hand to wipe it off, stop him and lick his chin clean, sliding your tongue to the corner of his lips applying some pressure…

By this time, he’ll understand your little game and keep his eyes closed. Look for a bottle of wine in the fridge, open it and sit him down. Tilt his head backwards slightly, drink some of the wine and kiss him allowing some of the fresh wine to run into his mouth. Then run your cool lips over his neck. Your shower of gentle kisses will tingle.

Now allow him to open his eyes. He looks at you, surprised and turned on at the same time. You slowly take of his t-shirt and take another sip of wine to cool your lips down before gently kissing all over his body, burning with desire. You tongue gradually becomes bolder, lingering over the erogenous zones. Lick his torso, his nipples, and then down towards his lower abdomen…

Remove his trousers and hand him a Candy G-string for men: get undressed and put on a Candy G-string and a candy bra whilst looking at him with such a look of desire that he hurries to put on his candy G-string. Lean towards him and bite of the first piece of candy, his penis is already hard and bursting out of the G-string, you lick and bite the candy, one by one, then by the mouthful. Fully aroused, he begs you to let him taste your candy, and devours your underwear.

You order him to close his eyes and go to look for a bottle of whipped cream in the fridge: you cover his mouth with it before kissing him deeply. Then you spray some cream on his torso, and lick it, swallowing all of the cream.

You tease him by spraying one last squirt on his lower abdomen, without touching his penis which is already about to explode.. You give him permission to open his eyes so that he can see you, lick his torso, your breasts graze his legs and his penis, but you stand up… You spray cream over your breasts and on your stomach so that he can taste your body. He greedily moves his tongue all over your body, from head to toe.

You get some massage oil and sensually spread it all over his body. You feel your body contract and relax beneath your hands, you feel your vulva pulsate, and become more and more moist. Now you rub your naked body against his, until you’re both covered in your favourite oil. You order him to close his eyes, and sprinkle his penis with Sexy Candy Explosion popping candy before taking it in your mouth. Going crazy with pleasure, he opens his eyes and himself puts some popping candy on your stomach, breasts and legs before passionately performing cunnilingus on you bringing you to the brink of orgasm. You decide to take back control and get out a vibrator such as the Real Vibration M: you pour some massage oil on it, whilst your partner looks on in amazement. Then you put the sex toy in your mouth and suck on it outrageously.

You continue to tease him by caressing yourself in front of him and then you turn the sex toy on, and you bring it closer to your wet genitals. You penetrate yourself while staring into your man’s eyes. Slowly, you take his hand and place it on the sex toy, so that he is in control of your pleasure. The vibrations and desire of your man almost make you climax straightaway, and you beg him to take you on the kitchen table. After a wild embrace, he releases his plentiful ejaculate on your stomach, and you spread the semen with your fingers before tasting it greedily. He devours you with his eyes before kissing you tenderly on the neck.

You dinner is most likely burned… But you aren’t hungry anymore.