Tonight, your partner is tired and a little feverish. After having dinner, he went to bed with a book in his hand… you promise to take care of him and bring him up a tray.


You really want to look after him. You go into the bathroom to slip into the nurse’s uniform that you have saved for the occasion… Since you found his collection of nurse-themed adult films. He gets impatient when he sees that you aren’t coming straight away because he is waiting for his treatment.


After getting ready, you go back into the room with a sexy outfit, with a tray on which there is a glass of water, a thermometer and everything you need to take care of your other half… When he sees you enter the room, he already seems to be better.


You know that he likes to be mothered, you talk to him like a sick child asking him how he feels. You tease him by leaning over him and by whispering softly in his ear. He then pretends to be seriously injured and tells you where it hurts… staring at your cleavage. His abdomen is very painful.


You suggest taking his temperature and pampering him. Completely at your mercy, he lets you take care of him. You begin by administering some ‘medicine’ (sexual stimulants) which leaves no doubt as to your intentions. You give him a sensual massage with erotic massage oils to relax him whilst whispering reassuring words in his ear. A very attentive nurse. You show him how sympathetic you are ‘my poor darling, you’re hurt, I’m going to take care of you, you’ll see, I’ll make the pain go away’.


He becomes more and more relaxed and lets himself go as you give him tender and affectionate kisses. His hands try to caress you, to slide up under your blouse. When he tries to touch you, you push his hands away whilst gently telling him ‘don’t move, just relax’, ‘you must conserve your energy so you get better faster’.


To help him to forget all about the pain, you suggest a life-saving treatment: orgasm therapy. He agrees and you begin to masturbate him slowly. Of course you have the right instrument to hand: a Sexshot masturbator that you slide over his penis. You may want to use a more sophisticated masturbator… You feel him get harder and harder with each stroke of your hand and hold the masturbator firmly around his penis. You still whisper reassuring words into his ear, as your movements drive him crazy with desire. You tell him off and threaten to stop caring for him if he doesn’t settle down.


He promises and you kiss him and lick his body until his penis is fully erect. You take it into your mouth, using the tip of your tongue to explore it, cover it in kisses, then you suck it slowly and carefully. You speed up the pace progressively. His becomes increasingly breathless, but he seems to be doing much better… You can no longer resist and you slide you hand between your legs to caress yourself during his therapeutic fellatio. You come when he ejaculates, but you quickly regain your composure and tell him that he no longer seems to be suffering that much. He answers by saying that other treatments could be even more effective… With a cheeky smile, you tell him that you have other treatments to administer, and that you are going to prepare the next treatment.


You direct him to the bathroom to prepare a healing bath…

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