SEXUAL EXPERT Dorcel’s new weapon against erection disorders

For a long time considered taboo, the reasons for small breakdowns, small worries, “it’s all right my darling” remained mysteries and, to the great displeasure of these gentlemen, a fatality….

You had to live with it… That’s the way it was… At best, madam kept up appearances despite her husband’s lack of “reactivity”, at worst she took a lover and if it got out, your reputation would affect your manhood, you were done!

Since then, studies have progressed and the Internet has allowed everyone to exchange grandmother’s good recipes. Even if grandmother didn’t have all the answers on these subjects, some people on the web had probably already experienced such a concern and shared it, so the languages have been loosened. Enough to unclench people’s minds and scare away the dark threat of fate, which left you in a dead end.

However, even if the exchanges, the solutions to sexual worries are there, these problems still affect men, women and couples today. We are in the 21st century, the terms have changed a little, with for example an erection problem that a man will say “he has a soft hard-on”. But the importance of these subjects remains, the performance that men must have remains a concern for their ego and a concern to satisfy their beloved. So if they want to feel successful, men want to be able to last and not be too fast during the act. Physical stamina and desire will take their partner to orgasm? Enough to make a couple blossom and flatter a man’s ego by satisfying his partner.

For that, endurance and quality erection are often necessary, but also the quality of the finish… We ask so much of these men, and yes… Just as we find it in DORCEL’s films, powerful and abundant ejaculations are expected, hoped for by these gentlemen and ladies. However, sometimes the lack of sperm anguishes these men who dream of offering their partners a certain wind of freshness, when it is time to come.

Today’s men and women are sensitive to this point and are also waiting for solutions, fatality is no more.

It is to meet their needs that DORCEL has created the SEXUAL EXPERT collection, in order to bring all its expertise for nearly 40 years, to the service of the pleasure and well being of French men and women. Created in 2015, it goes without saying that it is an expert brand in the field, based on its experience and studies highlighting the sexual needs of each and everyone. Based on this analysis and its experience over the last 40 years, DORCEL has brought together in the brand SEXUAL EXPERT, products that will allow men to improve their sexuality alone or in couple. Thanks to his expertise and in-depth design work, the SEXUAL EXPERT collection allows you to blossom in your sex life with high quality products.

Here are a few examples of the SEXUAL EXPERT brand created by DORCEL.


Made from natural plant extracts, non harmful and designed with quality, STRONG+ cream will improve your sex life and your erections. Apply STRONG+ Cream directly to your penis and massage it into your penis to improve blood flow to your penis for a harder, longer lasting erection!

This 100 ml tube will bring you power and endurance for your daily intercourse, you won’t have to insist on a massage anymore!


TIME+ is also made from natural herbs and is a cream that can be applied directly to your penis with a massage that you or your partner can do yourself. Your penis will be desensitized while keeping the pleasure and sensations, for what benefit? Delay ejaculation, maintain pleasure for as long as possible and regain control of your sexuality. This delaying cream is available in a 100 ml tube, it’s up to you to choose if you prefer to exhaust your partner during a “quickie” that is much longer than expected, or keep him occupied all night long.


Dorcel Performer + - Pilules contre les troubles de l'érection
Composed of vitamins and plants, PERFORMER+ will considerably change your sex life, we reassure you for the best! Available in capsule form, DORCEL has chosen Ginko Biloba and Panax ginseng. The first one will increase the blood circulation of your sex and thus allows a strong erection, the second one increases the desire, the libido and thus globally your sexual performance.

The PERFORMER+ is supplied in capsule form, it is up to you to choose your use.

In cure: with 3 capsules to be taken daily in a large glass of water.

Before sexual intercourse: take 3 capsules 30 minutes beforehand.

The PERFORMER+ will act both on elements related to your blood circulation and your desire, enough to guarantee you a sexual revival, will she wonder who is this blow of hell in her bed? It’s up to you to tell us!

This is an overview of the SEXUAL EXPERT range, find more products from this DORCEL collection. These products answer different requests studied by the famous brand of pleasure, you understood it, the products are complementary and will help you to develop your sexuality and better know your body.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your partner, it is up to you to choose the elements you want to improve to be up to your ambitions and become a true SEXUAL EXPERT. For more than 40 years, DORCEL has been taking care of the sexuality of French women and men, once again, he guarantees quality products for you and your couple.