The following scenario is inspiration meant to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances, constitutes user instructions to be followed by the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relation that must be mutually agreed to and in which you and your partner must both freely decide on your desires and your limits. So be attentive and have fun!


You have been signed up to a dating website for a while. You are looking for a rare gem, or at least, your rare gem, the one who has the same desires as you: an unforgettable, uncomplicated saucy moment, with no taboos. A magical moment shared with a person who knows what they want, doesn’t want to waste time playing games or going through any kind of unnecessary formal conventions since you both only want one thing and that is sex.


This evening, you finally find the one you have long been searching for. She lives near to you, she is gorgeous and she has the same expectations as you… And she asks you to meet her at a hotel right away. She doesn’t want to know your name and refuses to give you hers. You are delighted, and very turned on by the mystery. Already extremely aroused, you hurry to get ready.


First of all, you pull on your sexy underwear for men, even if you don’t think you’ll keep them on for long… You really want to impress your partner, and before leaving you take a quick stimulant, so you feel at the top of you game. As a final touch, you spray a little aphrodisiac fragrance over your body: you are now full of confidence and ready for some carnal activity.


When you knock at the hotel door where she is waiting for you, you realise that she doesn’t want to waste time. You light a scented massage candle and she presses her body up against you. You immediately start to kiss and caress her. She wears a long see-through lace babydoll , you pull down the strap and kiss her neck whilst kneading her breast, then you pull up her dress to slide a hand in between her legs, she is already moist… To surprise and pleasure her, you have brought a vibrating sex toy with you. She is under your spell, and she lets you take control, and you give her the first, vibrating, orgasm. She has almost ripped off your shirt and is now removing your trousers. When she sees your  sexy man’s boxers, she doesn’t hesitate a second and opens the black laced-up fly, and starts to give you an amazing blow job. She rolls the laces around her fingers, her tongue, your penis, and you are already about to explode. You cover your fingers with a water-based lubricant, and you sink your hand between her legs again to massage her moist pussy and her anus.


She can’t wait any more and you get out a condom, that she takes off as she looks you in the eye. She puts it in between her lips and slides it over your penis, swallowing you until it covers your penis. She turns around offering herself to you doggy style, you enter her with delight admiring her from behind. She runs a finger towards her anus, so you coat it with lubricant before touching your fingers with hers, preparing her before giving her what she wants: anal.

To finish this special evening in a special way, you lie her on her back, and caress her breast with you penis. She squeezes it between her breasts and lets you thrust back and forwards at your own rhythm. You ejaculate on her breast and she spreads your cum all over your body with her hands, whilst looking you in the eyes.


Spent but satisfied, you offer to join her in the shower, before offering her a warm and sensual massage with the scented massage candle, to finish off this beautiful moment. But this massage may reignite your desire and pleasure.

Unspeakable pleasure