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YesForLov Full Body Massage Lubricant 100 mL

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Discover the famous YesForLov massage oil, ideal for tender and naughty moments. Let yourself go with these subtly sweet scents.
Two bare skins are offered: the massage is a delicious pretext; the lubricant, a crazy invitation.
A cloud of greedy perfume, subtly sweet, irresistibly sensual.

What do you say we get to know each other, for the time of a complicit massage? To get to know each other better. In order to relax. Because bodies also need to be discovered slowly, to offer each other with the fingertips, caress after caress, to finally get along the longest in the world. This is only the beginning.

But what is this perfume that blends in with us, settles between our skins so naturally that it seems to confuse them? The elegant, warm and refined fragrance of your YesforLov full body massage lubricant has been developed from a gourmet note of frangipani blossom. It magnifies your gestures, in total harmony, even in their most secret intimacy.

Two bare bodies are offered for a cuddly massage? But, in the meantime, they've changed their skin. Irresistibly perfumed, nimbed in an ultra-soft, naturally smooth film that binds them together, your bodies suddenly seem to call themselves. Invitations are extended, bets are placed, taboos are removed. Only desire speaks.

For the divine secret of this massage gel is that it is also lubricating. Stronger than a preliminary, crazier than a simple preamble that would have its irrevocable end, it offers, in the very instant your bodies are discovered, the possibility of confusing them in a torrid body to body. Any combination is possible, every wish fulfilled, even the most unmentionable.
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Based on Water-based
Number of ml 100
Brand YesForLov
SKU 94603
For who Couple, Man, Woman
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YesForLov Full Body Massage Lubricant 100 mL
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