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MGX Syn Trident Prostatic Stimulator

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Created by Aneros, the MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is one of the most popular anal masturbation accessories.
It meets men's need for pleasure, but in a different and exceptional way. The brand is constantly innovating in order to bring complete satisfaction to its users.
The MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is a high-end device that can be used in a variety of circumstances. It stands out from other devices not only by its design, but also by the quality of the materials used. Proof is that this sextoy is both hypoallergenic and comfortable, allowing these gentlemen to enjoy an optimal user experience.

Want to start your evening in a more sensual tone? The MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator by Aneros will satisfy your wildest sexual desires. During foreplay, the various frictions it offers will increase your pleasure and allow your partner to concentrate on other erogenous zones. You can even use this accessory to improve your sexual performance.
As the MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator acts mainly on the perianal area, the contractions will help you to delay your ejaculation and thus to have longer sexual intercourse. Every man's dream!

Finally, the MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is the ideal partner for masturbation enthusiasts. It increases the sensation of friction and increases male pleasure tenfold in an undeniable way.

The MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is the perfect accessory to find a new way to experience sexual pleasure. Manufactured with quality materials, it is offered at a competitive price. That's what makes it so attractive to these gentlemen, in addition to the following features:

Dimensions: 9.4 cm x 8 cm x 2.5 cm
. Made of: top-of-the-range silicone for more comfort and to avoid irritations.
Fixation: the arms of the prostatic stimulator are sufficient to attach the device to the male private parts.
More Information
Remote control No
Stimulation of Anus
Vibrating or manual Manual
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Connected No
Heating No
Length in cm 9.4
Diameter in cm 2.5
Color Black
Brand Aneros
SKU 98055
For who Man
The MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator focuses only on certain erogenous zones of the male body. Initially, the massage takes place in the prostate area. The two arms that make up the accessory will hold the prostate so as to provide the most pleasant pressure. The pleasure is felt both internally and externally. The Kegel exercises will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of this sextoy. As for the MGX Syn Trident prostatic stimulator bar, it will titillate the perineum in order to increase sensations and to delay ejaculation for as long as possible. Its tip can reach the upper part of the anal canal. If the base of the device is inserted into the anal canal, the ridges that make it up will provide even more pleasant friction.
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MGX Syn Trident Prostatic Stimulator
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