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Helix Syn Trident Prostatic Stimulator

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The Helix Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is an automatic masturbation accessory specifically designed to develop sensations of pleasure in certain sensitive areas of the male body.
It provides triple stimulation of the P Point, of the K Point and the perineum.
It provides triple stimulation of the P-point, the K-point and the perineum. This accessory combines the style of the Eupho Syn model with the other technological innovations found in the stimulators of the Trident series. Quite simply, it reflects the expertise of the Aneros brand, which is now a true reference in the massager and prostate stimulator market. The Helix Syn Trident model perfectly accompanies the man's contractions during masturbation, giving him maximum pleasure.

The Helix Syn Trident prostatic stimulator is an accessory entirely designed for male use. It can be used alone or in couple, depending on your needs, as long as you enjoy masturbation and are looking for a fun and effective way to reach your P point.

As the prostate is the centre of male pleasure, this automatic masturbator will focus more on this area. Made of silicone, it is as soft as velvet, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Are you in the middle of a preliminary session and would like external stimulation? It will perfectly meet your needs by pressing on the most erogenous zones.

If the Helix Syn Trident prostatic stimulator received the award for non-motorised sextoy in 2019, it is due to its effectiveness. Aneros has done its utmost to create a sex accessory with particularly convincing features at the best price/performance ratio. For the practical information sheet, you will note that this stimulator highlights the following specific features :

Dimensions: 9.9 cm x 9 cm with a diameter of 2.5 cm
. Made of: silicone with streaks
Waterproof: this accessory is not affected by humidity and can be cleaned with water.
Fixation: this sextoy is used in hands-free mode, i.e. no need to hold it during masturbation.
More Information
Remote control No
Stimulation of Anus
Vibrating or manual Manual
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Connected No
Heating No
Length in cm 10
Diameter in cm 2.7
Color Black
Brand Aneros
SKU 98054
For who Couple, Man, Woman
The Helix Syn Trident prostatic stimulator has a fairly large head. This is what allows it to provide better stimulation at the level of the sphincter. The sphincter will then be stimulated by vibrations which will accentuate the contractions felt at the level of the perineum. As for the other arm, its role is to excite the upper part of the anal canal. In its inner area, the prostatic stimulator uses ridges which are located at the base of the device. The friction caused by these will increase the pleasure throughout the masturbation. The Helix Syn Trident prostatic stimulator can also be used for perianal exercises, which will help you to delay ejaculation. This will allow you to extend your sexual intercourse for more pleasure! As it does not need to be held, you will be able to use it in various positions and at the same time discover new sensations thanks to the different stimulations and pressures.
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