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Bois Bandé 30 Tablets - Muira Puma

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Eric Favre proposes its optimal formula of Bois Bandé in the form of tablet for a catch either in cure or in a punctual way.

The muira puama, better known as BANDED WOOD, is a shrub whose bark is traditionally used for its authentic virtues on vitality. This ultra-concentrated natural extract
of BANDED WOOD helps to increase physical and mental endurance. BOIS BANDÉ provides an effective and natural answer to regain vitality at the right time.

Also known as Muira Puama, Banded Wood is a powerful stimulant for men. Used to boost physical and mental stamina, this product is designed to help you regain power and vitality in times of trouble! This stimulant is also very good to give you back tone and vigor during your intimate relations. It is a powerful sexual stimulant which supports the blood flow, and your endurance during your sexual relations. It stimulates perfectly your libido, and your erections are harder and longer. Don't let sexual fatigue stop you from having the sex you want with your partner. According to the studies that have been carried out, the wood bandé would have results that act on the sexual dysfunctions as well in the man as in the woman. Intimate relationships between two partners are very important, and stress at work, unpleasant situations in life can affect the sexual desire of each. Don't let these moments and worries affect your life anymore, Banded Wood is the perfect stimulant to help you overcome these tensions and enjoy quality time with your partner. Banded Wood has been consumed for hundreds of years in South American countries. 

What are the + of this Banded Wood in tablet form?

- Optimal dosage
- Increases physical and mental resistance
- Boosts libido
- Promotes erectile function
- No side effects
- For men and women

What are the qualities of Muira puama?

Muira puama or banded wood is a small tree of the Amazonian forest used for a long time by the Amazonian Indians to treat impotence. It is also used as a nerve tonic. It helps to increase endurance and physical and mental resistance. Muira puama is traditionally used as a sexual stimulant with an aphrodisiac power. Indeed, it has tonic properties.
Among the active components, there are sterols and an alkaloid (muirapuamine) that would be able to improve the erectile capacity and libido. It is traditionally recommended in case of sexual fatigue. BANDED WOOD has been the subject of several clinical trials which seem to show that it would have a positive result on sexual dysfunction in women and men.

1 capsule contains 500mg of Muira Puama

More Information
Made in France
Dosage daily, punctual
Desired effects boost libido, harden the erection
Number of capsules 30
Composition Maltodextrine ; extrait de muira puama ; antiagglomérant : stéarate de magnésium ; antioxydant: phosphate de calcium tribasique. Gélule : HPMC, oxyde de fer rouge.
Brand Eric Favre Laboratoire
SKU 98462

Directions for use: 

- In cure: take 1 capsule per day during 30 to 60 days.
- In punctual intake: take 2 capsules 30 minutes before the sexual act.
sexual act.

Precautions for use : 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. To use within the framework of a balanced diet and a healthy way of life. To keep out of reach of the young children. Keep away from heat, light and humidity. Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

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