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Box Set: Ellen Saint

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This box set contains 2 films: Student Nurse: Intensive Care : Realizing that ordinary treatment is not enough, a blonde nurse practices a new technique on her patient: a massage of the penis, which is so effective that her pussy and her asshole still remember it. Resurrection: A sick man, apparently inert, recovers his forgotten virility when, right in front of him, a doctor sodomizes his nurse. Soon, the young woman experiences a memorable double penetration. Sapphic Researches: The undulating rump of this "researcher", seated at her microscope, is easy prey for her assistant's lust. And it is with a solid strap-on that these two young women throw themselves into luscious lovemaking. Impudent Trio: Throwing the Hippocratic Oath to the four winds, two interns abandon their work to occupy themselves with the pretty nurse who assists them. And it is with enthusiasm that this beauty satisfies their most perverted desires. Malingerers: While they are supposed to be sleeping in their room, two handsome male specimens inflame the imagination of the nurses charged with their care. Soon, they become two accomplices who make the nurses submit, from the front and the back, to the delicious outrages that they expect. Blonde - Pornochic 7 : Milan : In the middle of the night, three pretty girls surreptitiously enter a sumptuous villa to surprise the young man who lives there, knowing he would enjoy such a voluptuous awakening. Prague : In a luxurious hotel room, a man abandons his beautiful companion to two couples who are already in the middle of various perverse games, and chooses a new partner for himself. Budapest : In a special office, a young woman, after looking at some tattoo models, submits her buttocks to the expert hands of the tattoo artist. But soon, it is her sex and her anus that she offers to him. Kiev : An abandoned factory. Three pretty girls, all blindfolded, are handed over to the "care" of three men who penetrate and sodomize them all in turn; the girls are not complaining. Paris : By inviting two men into her "loft", the beautiful Stacy hopes to benefit from their obvious virility. She helps them get in the right condition by performing a strip-tease for them. They do not disappoint.
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Playable Worldwide
Director Hervé Bodilis
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2009
Duration (min) 198
Language International version
Casting Jessica Fiorentino, Ellen Saint, Stacy Sliver, Julie Silver, Lucy Love, Priscilia Sol
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Box Set: Ellen Saint
€12.50 €24.99
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