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Bull Testicle Bag

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Augmentez vos sensations lors de la pénétration grâce à un incroyable équilibre testiculaire ! Retardez l'éjaculation et prolongez vos rapports sexuels !

100% male article, the Bullbag testicle bag is an excellent toy for men.You will have understood it, the Bullbag testicle bag is not only intended for sexual pleasure, it is also intended to turn the head of your conquests.

666 Introducing the Black Bullbag Testicle Bag

The Black Bullbag Testicle Bag is literally an expandable bag that hugs your testicles.

Used to intensify orgasms in bed, this bag is a true miracle cure for spending crazy nights with your partner.

It also serves to increase the visual effect of the testicles in clothing.Made from a blend of 100% silicone and TPR, this toy is of impeccable quality.

Soft, flexible and comfortable, the Bullbag testicle bag is a safe tool to intensify your orgasms.

Certified hypoallergenic, it is recommended for all skin types, allowing you to experience sparkling orgasms with your lover.

With a diameter of 3.8 cm, your toy is portable by men with even a strong testicle presence.

In a concrete way when you wear the black Bullbag testicle bag, you have the feeling of having bigger and heavier testicles.

Because of this, you can count on it to intensify the back and forth movements to live extraordinary orgasms.

It also delays ejaculation and makes sexual intercourse last longer.

More Information
Composition Silicone
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Stimulation of Testicles
Vibrating or manual Manual
Remote control No
Color Black
Brand Perfect Fit
SKU 98205

How to Use Black Bullbag Testicle Bag ?

Black Bullbag Testicle Bag is quick and easy to set up.Simply insert the testicles into the bag.The testicles will fit snugly into the bag.

Before using the Bullbag, please clean it thoroughly with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.The black Bullbag testicle bag is placed during foreplay.

You begin by gently massaging the penis and testicles with a water-based lubricant to increase the excitement and get the testicles in condition.

It is also possible to take a walk around the anus.To insert the testicles into the bag, please spread it with the thumb and forefinger of both hands.

Once spread, insert the testicles into the bag.Make sure that the testicles are well inserted.

After checking, you release the bag and the bag tightens around the testicles.You will automatically feel the sensation of heaviness in your testicles.

During the sexual act, you will experience emotions that you have never experienced before.Please note that after your sexual intercourse, you must take care to make your toy hygienic.

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