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Cherry Geisha Balls

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Wellness invites you to discover Cherry Geisha, a set of 4 silicone geisha balls to discover the pleasures and benefits of the Kegel principle. 

Improve your sexual health while spicing up your daily life with Wellness.

This "well-being and pleasure" range was designed in Paris to develop your sexual fulfilment while respecting your body. The materials used, 100% phthalate-free, will give you intense sensations.

With the "Cherry Geisha", discover the pleasures and benefits of the Kegel principle with these geisha balls. The Kegel exercises strengthen and strengthen the perineum. A ball is located inside the ball: with each movement, this creates a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. 

A more toned perineum allows you to enjoy sex more intensely. 

The "Cherry Geisha" has 4 balls and 2 strings made of premium silicone and ABS. With 3 different weights (1 ball of 18gm; 1 ball of 31gm; 2 balls of 56.7gm), you can create the combination of your choice. Indeed, you can use the one ball string to start with or, with a little more experience, use the two ball string. So you have 6 possible combinations with different weights.

More Information
Box No
Shape of the sextoy Geisha balls
Vibrating or manual Manual
Diameter in cm 3.42
Weight of the balls 18 gr - 31 gr - 57,6 gr
Type of geisha balls Balls with internal ball
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Remote control No
Connected No
Stimulation of Perineum, Vagina
Color Pink
Brand Wellness
SKU 7010710
For who Woman

Choose the composition that suits you best with one or two geisha balls.

To facilitate the insertion of Cherry Geisha, we recommend that you use a water-based lubricant.

In general, we recommend cleaning your geisha balls before and after use with either soapy water or a suitable sex toy cleaner.

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Cherry Geisha Balls
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