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Cockring Stackit Noir

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Pour retarder l'éjaculation et prolonger vos rapports sexuels, utilisez le cockring Stackit. Fabriqué en silaskin, il vous assure confort et sécurité.

For fans of cockrings, it is not necessary to have one that vibrates.With the right male sex toy, you will enjoy a fulfilling sex life.For this purpose, the COCKRING STACKIT from Perfect Fit is enough to offer you an effective stimulation for frolicking or enjoyable treats.

Presentation of the cockring Stackit

The Stackit is a ring designed for erection stimulation to improve sexual performance.

Excellent for couples, it is thicker than its competitors.This high-end 13g product is 5.08cm high and 10.2cm wide.Its insertable diameter is 2.54 cm.

With an envelope made from silicone and TPR (thermoplastic rubber), this donut-shaped cockring will be comfortable to wear without affecting its robustness and strength.

The SilaSkin technology it incorporates makes it a premium product thanks to the superior quality of the material which is soft, flexible and malleable as desired.

It can therefore adapt to all sizes and offer a most realistic sensation.The SilaSkin material is safe for the body (certified phthalate and latex free) and can be used on sensitive skin.

With the Stackit you are sure to make your erection last longer to delay ejaculation.

It is an excellent cockring that works quickly to give (you and/or your partner) multiple orgasms to lose your mind.

It can be used alone or stacked with other rings from the Perfect Fit collection for more stimulation and sensations.

Men suffering from erectile function disorders will once again be able to enjoy the joys of sex without complexes.Results may vary depending on the user.

More Information
Composition Silicone
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Stimulation of Penis
Vibrating or manual Manual
Remote control No
Color Black
Brand Perfect Fit
SKU 98206

How to use the Black Stackit Cockring ?

This ring is designed to maximize the blood flow to the penis while keeping it in the area.

Result, you will be mounted like an apollo with a stronger and larger limb to the touch for a very long time.

It is compatible with water-based lubricants for moments of pure pleasure.

Suitable to withstand prolonged use, you can put it on normally (in three different ways) or double it to get more pressure.

Its use is not recommended with silicone-based lubricants.The fact that the ring is waterproof allows you to use it in the shower or bath.

Once you have had enough, always clean the Stackit in warm water with a mild soap or sex-toy spray for express cleaning.

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