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Confidences of a pee lady

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Jacqueline is a housekeeper responsible for the maintenance of public toilets. She is an authentic Queen of the Throne, also called Lady Pee.

For years she officiated in these places of ease frequented by all the fringes of the population. Today she confides, because she saw so much, these men who come to masturbate by leaving the door open to these naughty couples looking for a place to get laid in the air quickly, with the secret hope of being seen.

In these places tinged with stupor, she even one day succumbed to the charm of a customer who, every day, came to empty his bladder in his public toilets.

All these crisp memories, it was time to put them in pictures.


Casting : Melany Paris, Molly Saint-Rose, Lola Candy

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Playable Worldwide
Director Fabien Lafait
Studio JTC
Year of production 2017
Language French
Casting Melany Paris, Molly Saint-Rose, Lola Candy
SKU JTC82993
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Confidences of a pee lady
€8.00 €19.99
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