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    Blue One is a legend's production that has seen the most legendary Pornstars  in its productions : Brigitte Lahaie, Tabatha Cash , Traci Lords etc... Blue One is a french porn movies production company  created by Mischkind Francis. In the 70s , the Blue One films were released in Paris cinema. Legend of Blue One will start with its assets mythical titles and the beginnings of Brigitte Lahaie . The most legendary titles Brigitte Lahaie are at Blue One "Hitchhikers in heat ", " Hunting Parties in Sologne ," "I Am To Take ", " Cathy Submissive Girl " etc ... But Blue One also released cults films like "The Sex Who Speaks ", " New Have Hookers " and the first steps in porn Tabatha Cash. In 2001, a new Blue One proves its qualities of talent scouts by signing a contract to Clara Morgane , who became one of the most popular French pornstars . "Make Love with Clara Morgane" is the first DVD X  French 100% virtual. Other DVD X Clara Morgane became successful : "The Collectionneuse", "The Candidate"," The robber " and " Project X" .