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    Masturbateur Fleshlight Pure Stamina Training

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    Fleshlight Pure Stamina Training Masturbator

    SKU# 97388

    • Stop à l'éjaculation précoce
    • Entrainez vous et améliorez votre endurance
    • Reproduits les conditions exactes des rapports sexuels
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 25
    Diameter in cm 1,9
    For Him
    Usage Penis
    Vibrating or Manual Manual
    Color Gold
    Brand Fleshlight

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    from 22/06 to 25/06
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    This masturbator was designed for men who want to come more enduring during their sexual intercourse with their partner in naughty games!

    How is this possible you ask yourself? Well, the masturbation sleeve of this fleshlight reproduces the exact sensations of vaginal penetration.

    If you have had endurance problems in your sex life lately, you will be able to overcome this problem from now on.

    "Excellence is an art that can only be achieved through constant exercise. »

    With this masturbator, you will become effective during your sexual intercourse. You will take control of your orgasms, you will delay ejaculation.

    You will become fully aware and in control of your body. You will regain your confidence.

    You will need to train as often as possible to regain sexual performance and stamina. This is the masturbator you need if you want to correct minor dysfunctions in bed. Your sexual partner will thank you.

    Fleshlight Training Unit
    Gaine de masturbation Fleshlight réplique les rapports sexuels réels

    If you have this type of problem, or lack self-confidence, you need the masturbator. You can start working on these problems without spending a fortune.

    And in addition, to improve daily, you will enjoy it powerfully. This is also the purpose of this masturbator Pure Stamina Training Unit. We must not forget that the goal also and to have fun. So enjoy all the orgasms that this masturbator can give you.

    Fleshlight has worked long and hard to offer you unique products. The masturbation sleeve present in the masturbator is totally innovative and ideal for tenfold sensations.

    Indulge in a guaranteed pleasure in these all-new sleeves, which feature new stripes, will fit every shape of your penis, and stimulate every inch of skin.

    Orgasms guaranteed thanks to the technologies developed by these two great pleasure players: Fleshlight and Marc Dorcel.

    Succeed in the pleasure promised by the famous brand manufacturer of the best masturbators in the world: Fleshlight!

    You can count on the brand's experience to give you a quality product that will bring you powerful orgasms!

    The best of each of the two pleasure players for your greatest happiness!

    Like all masturbators, this one will be used around your penis. No more doubts on this side, and no need to check anywhere else!

    You have to slide it along your penis, come and go! The patterns and streaks of the masturbation sleeve will take care of the rest every time you go back and forth!

    You can use a lubricant to facilitate the penetration and use of your masturbator!

    The grip is easy, just put your hand around the shell of the Fleshlight, then push your penis to the entrance of the penetration sleeve! All you have to do is enjoy the pleasure!

    You can play with the air intakes in the masturbation sleeve by unscrewing or tightening the cap on the hull. You will be able to multiply the sensations felt.

    After testing this version of the Pure Stamina Training Unit, you will be able to test new models such as Anna Polina's vagina, and if, in addition to wanting to penetrate these Dorcel friends, also think that Valentina NAPPI, Lola REVE or Claire CASTEL, also participated in the operation.

    Expand your collection of Fleshlight Masturbators with exact replicas of your favorite Dorcel actresses.

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