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Inflatable Pillow with Handcuffs

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For sexual prowess beyond belief, let yourself be seduced by this luxury inflatable pillow with handcuffs. With this sexual accessory, your submissive will not be able to move or escape. In other words, their body will be entirely yours.
Inflatable pillow with handcuffs to give free rein to your imagination. Who can use it? The answer is obvious. The pillow with handcuffs is designed for both men and women. It allows you to experiment with new positions. You can even go beyond your imagination to enjoy this little marvel. Simply folded on the pillow or tied up, your submissive will adopt a very comfortable position. The sexual game can then begin and the pleasure will be all the more rewarding.
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Brand Pipedream
SKU 97912
To use it properly, you must first attach your partner via the thick and very strong nylon strap. He will have to crawl on all fours on the pillow. Then adjust the strap so that he stays still throughout your lovemaking. Once the strap has been adjusted, put the handcuffs on them. Made of very resistant metal, these will prevent your partner from escaping. From there, pleasure, excitement and satisfaction will be at their peak.
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Inflatable Pillow with Handcuffs
€55.96 €69.95
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