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Jessica Fiorentino Box Set

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This box set contains 2 films: Mission Open Thighs: Claudia (Maria Bellucci) and Melissa (Dora Venter) are the main characters in this strange story of industrial espionage, where everyone is prepared for the worst in order to safeguard their interests, even when they must turn on their closest colleagues. In the economic war, sex is easily the best way to gain someone's confidence. Lena and Sandra know this well, sucking cocks and opening their thighs at the slightest provocation; nothing stops them from getting what they want. But watch out - in the world of vice, you can always find someone more vicious than yourself! Don Vito: a family affair : Why are armed men bursting into a farmhouse to fuck a woman in front of her husband while their young maid submits to the same fate? How does a self-described minister get a delivery of two young women whom he examines, while a horse dealer "tries" both of them, both from the front and from the rear? How does young Ciccio come to seduce the wife of Don Vito, a "Godfather" whose gang holds the entire region under contro? And who is this Don Raffe, who, as he was dying, left him a fortune in diamonds? All these questions will be answered in this film where sex, violence, and rivalries mix in an explosive cocktail where the lust of some meets the sensuality of others
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Playable Europe only
Director Francesco Fanelli
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2009
Duration (min) 220
Casting Jessica Fiorentino, Dora Venter
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Jessica Fiorentino Box Set
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