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Fantasy Clinic - Possessions - The Delights of Adultery

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3 CULT FILMS WITH BRIGITTE LAIHAIE. FANTASY CLINIC(1:12) Brigitte Lahaie excels in this breathtaking production by Gerard Kikoïne that is more fetishistic and more voyeuristic than ever. A flood of delirious sequences and a host of actresses as lovely as they are perverse truly make this film (released to triumphant success on 1 April 1981 by Alpha France under the name 'Very Special Parties'). An absolute masterpiece of French X-rated cinema, this is an indispensable addition to any fan's DVD library! POSSESSIONS (1:06) Brigitte Lahaie is absolutely wonderful in the role of an abandoned wife, overcoming her plight by organizing a wild party in her sumptuous villa. Sensually unbridled, she shows us that she is a female through and through. Brigitte Lahaie is terribly exciting and more beautiful than ever. One of the very great successes of French porn released under the title 'Entrecuisses' November 23, 1977 in Alpha France theaters! THE DELIGHTS OF ADULTERY (1:06) Brigitte Lahaie at her peak in this feast from the Golden Age of French porn, concocted by the imaginative Burd Tranbaree: the seduction of married women by none other than married men, who are assisted by their wives. An orgy of steamy scenes and nonsensical situations make this film a very hot little gem of adultery. A record number of viewers came out for this colorful masterpiece when it was released under the name 'Hot Parties' June 6, 1979 in Alpha France theaters!
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Playable Europe only
Director Bird Tranbaree
Studio Blue One
Year of production 2010
Duration (min) 211
Language French
Casting Brigitte Lahaie
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Fantasy Clinic - Possessions - The Delights of Adultery
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