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Laure Sainclair Box Set

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In this box set, 2 films:

The Contract of Angels 1:

Mistreated by CLAUDE, her husband, who shamelessly cheated on her with her best friend, SOPHIE flees the family home. When getting into a car accident, she is joined by a sumptuous limousine whose owner, the marquise FOSCARI, a young, gorgeous women offers to house her. But the cynical philosophy of the young woman intrigues Sophie who discovers a mystery. The fact that the heart of the marquise hides a deep secret. During a horse ride followed by tender saphic frolicking, she confides in Sophie, that her sister, who lives in the neighboring house, harbors a wretched hatred against her. Dissatisfied and struggling to destroy her, she leads a life of debauchery and gives into, according to her, disgusting sexual practices.

The Contract of Angels 2 :

Fleeing her abusive husband, SOPHIE found refuge at marquise FOSCARI's home. There, she gets to know HALMEYDA, an Argentinian noble with whom she falls in love. But she is still married. It's then that the marquise suggests a strange deal to her: She takes care of eliminating the troublesome husband, in exchange for which, Sophie must in turn "execute" the marquise's sister who lolls in the most brazen luxury and struggles to destroy her. In fact, one evening, Sophie, hidden in the shaddows, attends a totally orgiastic ceremony, that seems to orchestrate a mysterious young masked woman, where sexual practices the most perverse are given free reign. In the morning, the marquise informs Sophie that the "evil husband" has already been sent to meet his maker. It is now that Sophie must fullfil her end of the bargain

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Playable Worldwide
Director Marc Dorcel
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2008
Duration (min) 183
Language English, French
Casting Laure Sainclair, Fovéa, Bianca, Silvia Saint
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