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MyHixel Masturbator

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The MyHixel masturbator is a revolutionary masturbator. It helps you to control your ejaculations thanks to training programs. Ideal for improving your sex life and lengthening your sexual relations.

MyHixel Masturbator helps you control ejaculation

MYHIXEL is a clinically proven revolutionary method to improve ejaculation control, by learning to decide when to ejaculate.

MYHIXEL is a solution for men who want to innovate in their sexual relationships and discover new areas of their sexuality.A programme with which they will learn to control and decide when to ejaculate in a totally natural way.

MYHIXEL combines the anonymous MYHIXEL Play application, so that users can follow the fun and personalised Play TR treatment, with the advanced MYHIXEL I pleasure device, designed specifically to achieve ejaculatory control.

MYHIXEL TR is a scientific methodology that consists of a programme of exercises and activities that teaches you how to control your ejaculation.It's not just a vibrator for men, MYHIXEL goes further, it dramatically improves your sexual experience and satisfaction in a natural way.

You can take your sex life to the next level.No pills or delaying sprays.Control your ejaculation and decide how long you want to have sex.No side effects.

Ideal for men who want to improve their sex and be able to decide when to ejaculate.Also for men who sometimes have difficulty controlling their ejaculation in times of stress or anxiety.Ideal whether you are single or in a relationship.Improve your performance and have fun at the same time!

What does the MYHIXEL box contain?

The MYHIXEL Play application with the Play TR program + the MYHIXEL I masturbator.

The Play TR program is activated in the MYHIXEL Play application.It is a guided program to learn how to control your orgasm and thus boost your performance and improve your sex life, designed by expert sexologists.It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to learn new skills to improve your sex life, through specific guided and controlled activities, and therefore allows you to see your progress.Anonymous and secure to protect your privacy.MYHIXEL Play is an app available in the App Store and Google Play.

When you purchase MYHIXEL TR, you also receive the MYHIXEL I device: an innovative pleasure device specifically designed to be used with the Play TR program to achieve the best results in developing men's full sexual potential.

The MyHixel is for men:

  • If you ejaculate in more than three minutes but want to learn new skills and decide when to ejaculate.
  • You want to have total control over ejaculation and enjoy it more.
  • You want to learn new skills in bed.
  • You feel that stress or anxiety is influencing your sexual relations.
  • You suffer from an occasional lack of ejaculation control.

MYHIXEL offers two solutions for all men.MYHIXEL TR is an innovative methodology for deciding when to have an orgasm and discovering a new level of sexual pleasure.

Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer, ABS, Silicone and lithium battery (waterproof magnet).

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MyHixel Masturbator
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