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    New Stimulateur Osci Spécial Point G - Nouvelle masturbation

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    • Stimulateur Osci Spécial Point G - Nouvelle masturbation
    • Stimulateur Osci Spécial Point G - Sextoy connecté
    • Stimulateur Osci Spécial Point G - Stimulation du poiont G par oscillations

    Osci Special G-spot Stimulator

    SKU# 97504

    • Innovative technology with Oscillations
    • Remote control
    • Ideal for naughty couples
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 20
    Diameter in cm 3,7
    For Her
    Usage G Spot
    Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
    Battery Provided Yes
    Battery Type USB Charger
    Color Pink
    Brand Lovense

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    Technology for your orgasms.

    The Osci of Lovense is a small jewel of technology. It offers everything that naughty couples need.

    • A solution for playing and enjoying at short distance
    • A solution for playing and enjoying at a long distance
    • Extreme efficiency for powerful orgasms

    Spice up your couple's life with this special G spot stimulator. Share intense moments with your favorite sex game partner!

    The Osci is not a vibrator, strictly speaking, but rather an oscillator!

    The motor integrated in this sextoy, allows to generate delicious oscillations which will come directly to be fixed on your G spot. The sextoy's curved head makes it easy to access your pleasure zone!

    This unique stimulation system is patented by the Lovense brand, which brings you a whole new way to masturbate. New sexual adventures, and new pleasures are the key words of your new masturbation sessions!

    Stimulation du Point G par Oscilations du Osci de Lovense

    You can program your new best friend's vibrations. The osci stimulator has more than 30 vibration modes, and no less than 3 vibration speeds.

    A tip: start with the smoothest speed, so as not to come too quickly!

    The handling is very fast, you have to control the different vibration modes with a simple press on one of the two easy-to-access buttons!

    Does your couple need to spice up their sex life? Do you want to develop complicity within your couple?

    The Osci stimulator offers you a wide range of possibilities to achieve your objectives!

    You can connect using Bluetooth to play with your partner on public transport, for example. Erotic games that are perfect for a different kind of fun!

    If your loved one is on the other side of the world, he or she can also take control of your orgasms with the application. It will be enough for him to choose the vibration modes on which you will enjoy.

    With this application you also have the possibility to synchronize the vibration mdes to the music of your choice! Intelligent management of your orgasms. The only limit of its use is your imagination!

    You can personalize your sexual experiences. On the application, downloadable on the App Store or on the Google Play Store, you have a mode allowing you to design your own vibration mode!

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