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Pack Week-end YESforLOV

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The Pack Weekend YESforLov contains:

Disturbing oil of massage
A light, non greasy texture, which does not try either clothes or sheets. Enriched, for the relaxation, in oil of passion fruit, damiane, rosemary, sweet almond. Spicy of a point(headland) of extract of ginger for the shiver.

Gel of feminine excitement
This gel acts at the heart of the feminine excitement. Before, during, later. Only a tear on the clitoris to sharpen the desire in a shiver peppered by mint. Slowly instigate itby massaging delicately. And take it until the unexplored borders of the pleasure.

Intimate Lubricant
For the one or the other one, for both, between you the two, the intimate lubricant YESforLOV optimize the contact, the comfort, and the pleasure, while protecting the natural integrity of your most subtle sensations.

Naughty pencil for the body, flavor cherry.
To illuminate the trunk, to decorate its hips. The time(weather) of a tactile conversation, to spell in nude. Before interlacing.

Satiny black headband
To fasten hands or hide eyes, but not especially miss nothing.

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