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Poudre Corporelle Parfum Framboise Shunga

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  • Poudre Corporelle Parfum Framboise Shunga

Poudre Corporelle Parfum Framboise

SKU# 97361

  • Ideal body powder for foreplay
  • Edible, to be enjoyed endlessly
  • Natural fluffy feather feather for exquisite caresses
Additional Information
For Couple
Kissable Yes
Fragrance Raspberry
Brand Shunga

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The ultimate in foreplay, this body powder allows the lucky one to discover and feel new and exceptional sensations thanks to the feather duster. The exciting tickling of a feather duster will make your hair stand up in desire. You will go crazy at the thought of being at the mercy of your lover.

The latter will discover new sensory experiences. After delicately covering your body with this delicious body powder, he can then taste you!

The texture, odours, flavor of your body will change. The powder is edible, so he can let his tongue caress and taste you.

Imagine the sensation of the feather duster tickling you and at the same time, the touch of its warm tongue running through your body. You will not be able to resist this wonderful sensory experience for long.

The Shunga brand is known for these quality products. She dedicates all her activity to the creation of wellness products for the happiness of all naughty couples wishing to discover new and exciting sensations.

If you are looking for new ways to have fun as a couple, Shunga offers you quality products that are totally safe for your body.

Focus on your pleasure and that of your partner. That's all that matters.

You can offer this body powder to your lover. You also enjoy giving this gift to your spouse, because you will also benefit from it during the preliminaries.

It is a smart gift, you will share a moment of ecstasy with your partner in sexy games.

Presented in a beautiful box, with a black satin bag, it is the perfect gift.

Spread the body powder with the tissue provided for this purpose, cover your partner's body, including its erogenous zones. To lick endlessly to leave no trace, let yourself be enchanted by the scents, and the Raspberry flavor. Discover new pleasures as a couple.

Edible body powder ingredients: Modified starch, baked corn starch, honey, aspartame, natural and/or artificial raspberry flavours.

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