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Impulses 5

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Their sexual urges are so strong that they will do anything to satisfy them. A DVD produced by the Dorcel studio, giving free rein to the fantasies of its actresses.

They can't resist their impulses

Since moving to Barcelona, Clémence Audiard has made a habit of strolling along the beach as often as she can after her long days at work. Today, the pretty redhead decided to spice up her evening a little by inviting Kristof Cale and Tommy Cabrio, her two regular lovers, to come and have a drink at her place. Naturally, the two men know nothing about each other and are "surprised", to say the least, to meet under such circumstances. Clémence, who is used to having only one partner, will for once have two men ready to satisfy her every impulse.

At the office or in her personal life, Sata Jones is a very active woman who generally gets everything she wants, when she wants it. During her daily jog, she crosses paths with Tommy Gold, a man she finds very much to her liking. Without speaking to each other, they race to see who can finish first. To reward her adversary of the day, Sata invites him to join her at her place for a long moment of relaxation and pleasure. Isn't that better than a medal or a drink in a bar?

Truth or dare?

Carollina Cherry and Mary Popiense have been friends for years, but their respective careers prevent them from spending time together. So, when the opportunity finally presents itself, they rent a large villa to spend a few days together. After a day of shopping and photos on the terrace, a simple game of truth or dare reveals their true feelings for each other. Mary's boyfriend Paulo Bangkok won't regret joining them at the last minute.

Angie Lynx and Mary Popiense are true social networking professionals. Today, Mary invited blonde Angie for an interview to present her new cosmetics range. It doesn't take long for the two influencers to forget the real reason for their meeting, preferring to spend time together away from the cameras. The social networking video can wait a few more minutes.

While strolling along the beach, Agatha Vega meets the gaze of a total stranger and falls head over heels in love. Normally rather reserved, the young woman plucks up her courage and suggests to Kristof Cale that they move straight on to the main course without stopping at a café. She suggests going straight to a nearby hotel to explore their sudden desire in depth.

More Information
Playable Worldwide
Director Franck Vicomte
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2023
Duration (min) 156
Language English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Subtitles Dutsch, Greek, Portuguese
Casting Agatha Vega, Clémence Audiard, Angie Lynx, Carollina Cherry, Sata Jones, Mary Popiense
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Impulses 5
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