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Russian Institute - Lesson 2

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Natalia is a beautiful young girl who has been sent by her mum to a luxurious institute reserved for the cream of Russian youth. The university has a very strict code of discipline which is supposed to complete the students' education. But that all changes at night and the young men and women escape the superintendents' supervision to take part in an amazing shagathon! Pretending to be asleep when, on the bed next to you, your room mate is having the time of her life, is a rather tricky situation to be in. There's really no other option but to become part of the action! As for the medical check up, it quickly becomes clear that its only aim is to satisfy the nurse's taste in lesbian games. It starts with perverse fondling and. end up in an orchestrated orgy. Excited to the max by the feverish atmosphere, our "innocent" girls leave their studies behind and let their tongues, mouths & sexes do the learning. A lesson in various, extreme & repeated pleasures!
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Playable Worldwide
Director Hervé Bodilis
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2004
Duration (min) 106
Language English, French, German, Spanish
Casting Sharka Blue, Kathy Anderson, Karina, Sophie
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Russian Institute - Lesson 2
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