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Russian Institute - Lesson 7

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Christmas is around the corner. A coat of snow is covering the gardens of the "Russian Institute", a luxury boarding school reserved to the posh girls of high society Muscovite families. The new boarder, the young Oksana, is not the naive person that her delicious little face could let imagine. And if she comes there to perfect her instruction, it is rather a sensual and sexual high level education that she will receive. Students, supervisors, professors and even the headmistress, all are obsessed by lust. And while, secretly, the lovers of these "innocent young ladies" join them and make love in every positions, single girls practise sapphic games willingly. Thus, under the twinkling gleam of the Christmas tree, Oksana and her girlfriends will know the rapture of devastating orgasms
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Playable Worldwide
Director Hervé Bodilis
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2006
Duration (min) 90
Audio Language English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Subtitles Czech, Greek, Portuguese
Casting Jamie Brooks, Liliane Tiger, Oksana, Sarah Twain, Suzie Diamond, Titof
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Russian Institute - Lesson 7
€12.00 €29.99
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