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Stimulateur Clitoridien Sakura

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  • Stimulateur Clitoridien Sakura
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Sakura Clitoral Stimulator

SKU# 97699

  • Up to four vibration modes
  • Elegant design and easy handling
  • Ideal for beginners in masturbation
  • 100% hypoallergenic silicone
Additional Information
Length in cm 8
Diameter in cm 3,9
For Her
Usage Clitoris
Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
Battery Provided Yes
Battery Type USB Charger
Color Pink
Resistance to water Splashproof
Brand Iroha

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You knew the Tenga brand for masturbators for men, now discover the Iroha line of the brand, for a focus on stimulating women.

Tenga has decided to take a step forward for women and offer them simple, effective and elegant sextoys. 

The Sakura stimulator is therefore dedicated to the pleasures of women. He will come to stimulate the lady's clitoris to give her powerful orgasms. An ultra soft silicone, 4 vibration modes, a small size, this sextoy has been designed to satisfy all of you.

Sakura has a soft appearance and visually, its finish is perfect. A small sextoy to slip into your bag to satisfy your sudden desires.

Its Soft Touch coating is as soft as velvet, it will give you shivers at the slightest touch. 

Its design has been specially designed to provide you with delicious orgasms. It has a small notch at its end, where you can slide your clitoris and enjoy each of the vibrations.

You can also come and stimulate your nipples. It is the ideal sextoy to accompany you in your solo masturbation sessions, or during your sexual relations with your partner. Preliminary sessions can have a completely different taste with the use of this sextoy.

Le stimulateur Sakura de Tenga pour une stimulation du clitoris

All women can use this stimulator. 

As you have understood, this sextoy allows you to stimulate your clitoris but not only. You can also stimulate your nipples to increase excitement before sex.

Its very soft silicone texture allows you to provide intense caresses all over the body, before applying it to your clitoris. Raise the temperature a notch before you get down to business with your partner.

Couples can also use this sextoy. The gentleman can very well take control of the stimulator and couple it with his tongue, fingers, or even his penis for a double stimulation of the G spot and clitoris.

Use your imagination and the combinations are almost endless!

Its appearance and features make the Sakura stimulator an ideal sextoy for all beginners in masturbation. It is discrete and not frightening as some vibrators can be. For an introduction, that's what you need. Small, simple, efficient and elegant, you can't go wrong!

The sakura has two buttons on the base. Just press a few seconds to turn it on. Then you can use each of them to raise or lower the different intensities.

The small notch allows you to slide your clitoris in between. It will receive the vibrations directly, and you will then discover the power of it. You can use this sextoy as a body massage as well, stimulate your nipples, make it run through your body to enjoy delicious caresses.

The ultra powerful motor delivers up to 4 vibration modes, and that's enough to find your way to orgasm. 

An easy handling, an even simpler use, a formidable efficiency, concentrate only on your pleasure and do not waste a single second to understand how it works.

Made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, the use of this clitoral stimulator is totally safe for your body. Phthalate-free, and ultra soft, the soft touch coating will make you shiver!

With its very small size, you can easily carry it on business trips and other trips. Pleasure is with you wherever you are. In addition, it has a lock mode, to be sure that it does not activate at the wrong time.

It has a storage box in which you can put it. This storage box also serves as a recharging box: once inside, it is automatically charged.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend that you fully charge it before first use.

Ideally, the use of this sextoy is even more satisfying with the use of a water-based lubricant.

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