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Kit de 9 Cockrings Xact-Fit Play Zone

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Plusieurs diamètres, et plusieurs cockrings pour satisfaire tous vos besoins. Autour des testicules, autour du pénis, à prêter à vos partenaires... A vous de choisir ! Les cockrings maintiennent une érection puissante pour des rapports sexuels plus longs.

Kit of 9 Xact-Fit Play Zone Cockrings: what is it?

Today, you have the possibility to find on the market all the accessories to solve any problem related to your libido.This is for example the case with the Xact-Fit Play Zone 9 Cockrings Kit, which will obviously help you to perfect your sexuality.

If you want to know exactly what this series of small hoops could be used for, it's very simple.First of all, they are used to make your sexual pleasure more intense.It's all about male pleasure first.

It's about putting the rings around your penis.The goal is to strengthen the erection in the man so that he can perform much better during intercourse.Also, it should be noted that the accessory is in an evolving size.Therefore, the smallest rings are for the penis, the medium ones for the testicles and the larger sizes are versatile.

The accessory also comes with a storage cone.This way, you will probably not lose the rings.

With such a useful accessory, it is important to give its characteristics.

Indeed, the accessory is made with silicone.It is therefore a very smooth and above all flexible material.This obviously has a positive influence on the quality of your erection during intercourse.

These are made in different sizes.This allows you to adapt the accessory according to the circumference, volume and size of the penis.

The diameter of each of these rings normally varies between 2.8 cm and 4.8 cm.Don't worry, the sex toy we are talking about here will not have any side effects on you.

Finally, the last aspect that should necessarily be taken into account is how to use such a sexual object.

More Information
Composition Silicone
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Stimulation of Penis, Testicles
Vibrating or manual Manual
Remote control No
Color Black
Color Black
Brand Perfect Fit
SKU 98207

How to use the Xact-Fit 9 Cockrings Kit ?

To use this accessory perfectly, you will need to add some products.The product we recommend most is lubricant.

However, this is not just any kind of lubricant.It must be a product containing water.

So, when you have to use this type of product with the rings, the result will undoubtedly be satisfactory and the pleasure will be really intense for you and your partner.

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Kit de 9 Cockrings Xact-Fit Play Zone
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