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Tenga Crysta Block Masturbator

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The Tenga Crysta Block masturbator offers you an unforgettable masturbation session. The rigid cubes inside the masturbation sheath will give you powerful orgasms.

Tenga crysta Block masturbator: for a striking pleasure

The new TENGA block from the crysta collection is designed to provide you with perfect masturbation assistance. This version of the series, with its functional form and futuristic design, integrates floating cubes in its soft and supple casing. These offer a different experience, allowing you to personalise your masturbation according to your mood for maximum sensation.

The masturbator for new sensations

For men already initiated to the pleasures of sextoys and more particularly masturbators, this model from Tenga will be a real discovery. It has an enormous capacity to stretch and to adapt to a range of sizes to find its initial shape after use.

Indeed, the Tenga crysta Block has nothing to envy to the other products already on the market, because it does not try to imitate the sensations of a fellatio, or a vaginal penetration. You will therefore be able to enjoy different pleasures from those you are used to.

If this masturbator is excellent for the more experienced, it is also a good alternative for young people who are discovering the joys of masturbation. Its flexibility will help you to vary your movements while finding the pace that gives you the most pleasure.

It is a good accessory to maximize the pleasures of a classic masturbation. You can use it alone or with your partner, when you are more confident.

Tenga crysta block masturbator Features 

This masturbator is made from an elastomer imitating the properties of mucous membranes. Weighing less than 250 g, it is easy to handle and safe. The crysta block fits all sizes up to a depth of 12 cm for a width of 5 cm.

The Crysta is also quite small, so you can take it everywhere and even display it without attracting attention.

Its material makes it easier to clean the interior and the included drying rack makes it easier to remove excess water.

Finally, the transparent case makes it easy to keep it clean.

More Information
Heating No
Vibrating or manual Manual
Stimulation of Glans, Penis
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Color Transparent
Color Transparent
Brand Tenga
SKU 98118
For who Man

How does the Tenga crysta block work?

As it is not electronic, you don't have to worry about loading to use your crysta block. Unlike automatic models that deliver dozens of sucks per second to imitate a blowjob, this masturbator will only work with the force of your hand and your imagination.

You can use it in all situations; in the shower or bath for example. This masturbator has been designed by linking aesthetics to ease of use.

The Crysta concentrates all its properties around your limb, wrapping every inch when you use it. It will adapt to the shape you give it to give you incredible pleasure.

Simply lubricate the insertion hole at the top of the object and the inside at your convenience to prepare it for use. It comes with a sample of Tenga's Hole Lotion and works well with any water-based lubricant.

All you have to do is take advantage of the bold edges that completely precede the inner passage by adjusting your grip.

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Tenga Crysta Block Masturbator
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