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The Negotiator - A Couple's Mistress (2 films)

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BRIGITTE LAHAIE IN 2 CULT FILMS. THE NEGOTIATOR Brigitte Lahaie, in the role of "the negotiator," embodies the unspoken dream of every man: pretty, smiling, submissive and willing. For the man she loves, Brigitte recruits all the women he desires and puts them in his bed, dressed to his liking. She also knows how to get rid of them without his having to intervene. Pushing the envelope even further, Brigitte Lahaie reveals her insatiable libido and performs a series of hyper-exciting scenes. A Masterpiece of a fascinating horniness by Burd Tranbaree. A COUPLE'S MISTRESS. A brilliantly successful blend between film noir and romance. Unwilling to lead a double life between his nymphomaniac wife, Brigitte and his mistress, Claire, whom he is crazy about, George decides to get rid of his wife. But Brigitte seduces the hired assassin, who in turn seduces Claire, who finally allows herself to be seduced by Brigitte. Life together becomes possible for George, Claire and Bridget. Brigitte Lahaie and Julia Perrin are fabulous in both their sexual games with each other and with the various men.
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Playable Europe only
Director Bird Tranbaree
Studio Blue One
Year of production 1978
Duration (min) 199
Language French
Casting Brigitte Lahaie, Julia Perrin
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The Negotiator - A Couple's Mistress (2 films)
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