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    Tiani 2  by Lelo - Stimulateur pour couple

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    • Tiani 2  by Lelo - Stimulateur pour couple
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    Tiani 2 Pink Stimulator

    SKU# 97432

    • Couple stimulator
    • Stimulation of the G spot and clitoris
    • Sir takes advantage of the vibrations during penetration
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 8
    Diameter in cm 2,8
    For Couple
    Usage G Spot and Clitoris
    Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
    Battery Provided Yes
    Battery Type USB Charger
    Color Pink
    Resistance to water Waterproof
    Brand Lelo

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    from 19/06 to 22/06
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    In the tradition of the We Vibe stimulator, Lelo has released its torque stimulator.

    The principle is simple: it is a curved stimulator with two parts. The first one, the widest, is inserted into the vagina to be placed as close as possible to your G spot.

    The second part will settle on your clitoris.

    Are you starting to understand the principle? You will receive vibrations from each of the parts that make up this sex toy. A double simultaneous stimulation of your erogenous zones.

    And as, good news doesn't come alone, the Tiani 2 comes with its remote control to have remote control, and to be able to play and enjoy its delicious vibrations with your hands free.

    If you want to develop complicity within your couple, this is the ideal stimulator. Because if you haven't understood it yet, sir, there are several ways to play with the Tiani 2.

    • The first solution is to use it directly. Sir, can also enjoy the delicious vibrations of the sextoy, by penetrating his partner who carries the Tiani in his vagina. In addition to the comings and goings, his penis will receive the vibrations.
    • The second solution is for Madame to give her the remote control and therefore control of her orgasms. Sir can stand at a distance in an environment of your choice, we trust your imagination. And he can decide at any time to launch the stimulator, increase the vibrations as he wishes and thus enjoy the show.

    Tiani 2 is an ultra versatile sextoy that will not leave you in the dark. It offers many possibilities for all couples who want to have a little fun and discover new sensations and experiences.

    You will thus develop complicity in your relationship, and you will have a much richer sex life than before. The use of sextoys is more than recommended in your relationship life!

    Les utilisations du stimulateur pour couple Tiani 2

    There are two operating modes for the remote control called "Sensemotion".

    • In the first mode, the basic position is horizontal. Thus, there is no vibration. If you start tilting the remote control, you will start to feel the diffusion of vibrations, and the more you tilt it, the more powerful the vibrations will be. Simple and effective.
    • Second mode: You have to shake it and make it turn on itself. The faster you go, the more intense the vibrations will be.

    Tiani 2 has been designed 100% silicone to provide you with the best possible user experience.

    As soft as velvet, you can even have fun running through your skin with the sextoy, your hair will rise and you will burn with desire!

    The stimulator offers three possible uses:

    • In solo, you keep the remote control in your hand, and you are in control of the vibrations until orgasm.
    • As a couple, Monsieur benefits from the vibrations during vaginal penetration.
    • As a couple, you create naughty scenarios, Madame wears the Tiani 2, and Monsieur has control of the remote control for the realization of your fantasies.

    You can use your Tiani 2 in the shower because it is waterproof: wet pleasures in sight.

    The Tiani 2 is a USB rechargeable Torque Stimulator, and the batteries in the remote control are AA batteries.

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