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    Vibromasseur Liv 2 Vert - Stimulation du point G pour elle et du point P pour lui

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    • Vibromasseur Liv 2 Vert - Stimulation du point G pour elle et du point P pour lui
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    Vibromasseur Liv 2 Vert

    SKU# 97429

    • Stimulation du point pour Madame
    • Stimulation de la prostate pour Monsieur
    • Jusqu'à huit modes de vibrations
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 17
    Diameter in cm 3,5
    For Him and Her
    Usage G Spot
    Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
    Battery Provided Yes
    Battery Type USB Charger
    Color Ivory
    Resistance to water Waterproof
    Brand Lelo

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    Liv 2 is an elegant vibrator, it is the trademark of the famous Lelo brand. It has always been committed to creating products that meet the highest manufacturing standards. Modern men and women are only satisfied with the best of the sextoy, and Book 2 is the exact representation of it.

    The simple, rounded and refined lines of the vibrator will follow and stimulate the lady's G-spot. It will adapt to the morphology of each one to deliver delicious vibrations as close as possible to your G-spot. The insertable length is 11 cm, so it will heat the area of your G spot.

    It's an ideal sextoy for foreplay.

    And since Lelo doesn't do things halfway, Liv 2 will be able to stimulate Monsieur's point P. It is curved to fit perfectly into the anus of all men. As for women, it will vibrate and stimulate the prostate of the male gente.

    The Liv 2 is a versatile vibrator that will satisfy everyone's desires and desires!

    The Liv 2 is equipped with a powerful engine capable of delivering eight vibration modes. It's as much a way to enjoy. It is up to you to choose how fast you will be transported to ecstasy.

    You can start with the smallest mode for warm-up, and then slowly climb up to orgasm. You can easily juggle between each mode by simply pressing the buttons located on the base of the sex toy.

    If you have experienced the first version of the Liv, you will be surprised by its brand new power. It is up to twice as powerful. And you'll easily understand that it's going to be twice as enjoyable!

    Easy to handle and ergonomic, concentrate on your pleasure! Don't go from sheures to understanding how it works.

    Sit back, take your friend Liv 2 out, relax and insert him into your vagina (or your anus for Sir) and let yourself go on the way to orgasm.


    Le Liv 2 - stimulateur de point G et Point P

    You dreamt about it, Lelo did it!

    • A completely waterproof sextoy that accompanies you in the shower or bath.
    • A sextoy as soft as velvet thanks to its 100% hypoallergenic silicone
    • A vibrator that charges via USB: two hours of charging for four hours of ecstasy
    • Delivered in its very elegant satin bag to better transport it
    • A versatile sextoy that is as good for women as it is for men looking for new sensations.

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