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Vick Neo Prostate Stimulator Connexion Series

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Vick Neo is a high-tech prostate and perineum stimulator. This connected sextoy allows you to share anal and prostate experiences thousands of miles away from your partner. It also allows you to broadcast your videos live on famous video platforms in complete safety, thanks to its application.

Vick Neo Prostate Stimulator Connexion Series

The Vick Neo prostate stimulator is very practical and effective. Not only does it give you incredible sensations during your anal stimulation sessions, but its remote connection function allows you to improve your sexuality with your partner, wherever she may be. In the event of a long separation, this accessory is very important for managing your libido.

Also new, the Vick Neo Connexion series allows you to stream your sexual adventures online on the famous Pornhub website!

The new generation prostate stimulation by Vick Neo!

The Vick Neo is part of Svakom's latest collection of connected sextoys.

Vick Neo is a perineum and prostate stimulator with two motors. This increases the level of sensation. As part of the connection series, Vick Neo can use Bluetooth technology to synchronise with the FeelConnect3 application. FeelConnect3 allows you to take remote control for naughty outdoor games.

Its ergonomic shape guarantees easy penetration and comfort of use. The head of the stimulator comes as close as possible to the P-spot to deliver delicious sensations, while the base of the sextoy stimulates the perineum, the area between your anus and testicles.

This allows your partner to take control of the stimulator wherever she is. This makes it an ideal accessory for creating sexual experiences at a distance. The Vick Neo, a very versatile stimulator, is 100% waterproof, versatile, soft and silent. This simulator can indeed be used for different purposes.

If you are looking for a prostate stimulator that is unique on the market, then the Vick Neo stimulator is what you need. This stimulator can be used for prostate and perineum stimulation.

Features of the Vick Neo stimulator

Its silicone coating is soft and easy to clean. The replaceable rabbit ear-shaped head is made of silicone. The Vick Neo vibrator has unique features that make it unique.

It is a medium size, rechargeable and very waterproof stimulator. No matter what you need, a full charge will give you about 3 hours of entertainment.

More Information
Heating No
Battery Type USB Charger - cable included
Composition Silicone
Vibrating or manual Vibrating
Connected No
Stimulation of Anus, Perineum, Prostate
Adapté pour intermediary
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Length in cm 10
Diameter in cm 2.6
Stimulation by massager/vibration
SKU 98148
Color Black
Brand Svakom
For who Man, Man and Man

How does the Vick Neo stimulator work?

The Vick Neo stimulator has a rotating massage probe that can be used at any angle. It also has a continuous heating mode.

Its motor is very quiet and very efficient. It can provide it with 7 vibration modes to give you personalised pleasure. The vibration options can also be combined with 5 levels of intensity increase. The vibrator has an intelligent mode that can reproduce foreplay and make you feel the pressure quickly.

You will be able to browse through the 8 vibration modes and choose from 5 intensity modes.

Pressing the "S" button activates the intelligent mode, which has been developed to give you sensations and frequencies of movement identical to those of real sex with your partner.

You can choose the vibration mode or use the stimulation function alone. Indulge yourself and configure its use as needed.

Choose manual mode via the buttons on the stimulator, or use it with external controls via the FeelConnect3 application. The application allows you to use the stimulator alone or with your partner.

The real-time interactive feature of the stimulator allows you to enjoy interactive 2D videos to bring you happiness, while the interactive webcam mode allows you to share experiences with online communities.

Led lights are incorporated into the base of your sextoy to brighten up your masturbation activities and surprise your partner.

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Vick Neo Prostate Stimulator Connexion Series
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