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Stimulateur Wand Chauffant Confidence - Personal massager

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  • Stimulateur Wand Chauffant Confidence - Personal massager
  • Stimulateur Wand Chauffant Confidence avec Cristal Swarovski
  • Stimulateur Wand Chauffant Confidence - Boîte d'emballage

Wand Heating Stimulator Confidence by Zalo

SKU# 97671

  • External vibrator Wand Massager style
  • Ideal for clitoral stimulation and muscle relaxation
  • Powerful Silent Engine
  • Sextoy Not waterproof 
Additional Information
Length in cm 22
Diameter in cm 3,7
For Her
Usage Clitoris
Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
Battery Provided Yes
Battery Type USB Charger
Color Purple
Resistance to water Splashproof
Brand Zalo
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Stimulateur Wand Chauffant Confidence de Zalo : Idéal pour la stimulation clitoridienne et relaxer vos muscles

Zalo offers you an elegant and refined vibrator for relaxation and pleasure sessions.

The Confidence Vibrator is a Wand Stimulator, which will allow you to release all muscle tension throughout the body and can also provide you with delicious clitoral orgasms.

Place the Confidence sextoy on your clitoris and you will be overwhelmed by waves of pleasure, which will lead you directly to a powerful orgasm.

Its elegant and refined design will delight all demanding women. Made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, it is totally safe for your body. Its handle is gold plated with rings to make it easier to hold. You will also find in the hollow of this handle, a small swarovski crystal to add an even more elegant touch.

The particularity of this Confidence stimulator is that it has a heating function, to provide you with even more sensations and to increase the pleasure felt tenfold.

This function, combined with the eight vibration modes available in the sextoy, will make you feel like you're craving more in the blink of an eye.

This vibrator comes in an equally elegant box!

You have several ways to use the Confidence Stimulator.

The first way is to use it locally on muscle nodes, to help you make them disappear. It is an excellent way to relieve your tensions and relieve stress. You can use it alone, or better, as a couple!

Entrust the vibrator to your naughty play partner and let it run through your body and skin with the head of the sextoy. A small massage candle will be perfect for the occasion. The scents will awaken your senses, and the vibrations are diffused thanks to the massage oil to relax you and especially to make desire rise!

The other way to use the stimulator, as you will have understood, is to place it directly on the outer part of your vagina to stimulate your vulva and clitoris. You won't last long before you experience a resounding orgasm.

It is a perfect sextoy to offer or to offer for the most "hot" masturbation sessions! Remember to activate the heating function for even more sensation!

Rien de plus simple !

Nothing could be easier!

All you have to do is activate it by simply pressing the buttons at the base of the sextoy.

You can try each of the vibration modes to intensify or calm the rise of orgasm. You choose according to the desires and desires of the moment.

Place the round head of the sextoy on your skin, and direct it to sensitive areas to relax and relax at the same time. Let yourself be carried away, and then move on to more serious things by letting the sextoy slide over your vagina and place it as close as possible to your clitoris!

Your pleasure button will thank you with a most intense orgasm.

This stimulator is easy to use.

It is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, for a totally safe use for your body and your privacy.

The stimulator motor is very quiet (less than 40db) so as not to warn your neighbours at each masturbation session.

Be careful, this sextoy is not waterproof! He can only tolerate a few drops of water.

Charging time: 1 hour, we recommend that you make a full charge before the first use. This corresponds to about 2 hours of use. (USB cable provided)

For increased sensations, we recommend the use of a water-based lubricant. This intensifies the sensations and makes sliding easier.

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