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Womanizer Duo Raspberry

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The womanizer duo raspberry is the perfect complement to your clitoral pleasure. Take advantage of the suctions that the stimulator gives you for powerful orgasms.


The Womanizer DUO Stimulator is a new female masturbation device that will make you happy.The concept of the DUO is simple: one part to stimulate the clitoris and a shaft perfectly adapted for the G.

point.This new Womanizer stimulator is a redesign of the Womanizer IO, a version greatly improved and more powerful than its predecessor.It is 20.3 cm long and 8.8 cm wide.It is water resistant, can be recharged as many times as necessary, and is hypoallergenic for maximum safety.

In addition, this device is designed to be not only a Clitoral Stimulator, but also a G Point Stimulator, for total pleasure.

The Womanizer Duo can be considered one of the best to allow you to experience real moments of enjoyment.It is a clitoral stimulator which works with the "Pleasure Air" technology patented by Womanizer.

to offer you many powerful orgasms, use the insert part at the same time.You will be able to use it whenever you feel the sexual urge rise inside you.

l will make you moan with pleasure, without the intervention of a third party, in order to free you from the stress of everyday life and give you a sensation of absolute well-being.

The Womanizer DUO Stimulator is the ideal solution for all women in search of orgasms and pleasure.It will perfectly satisfy you sexually and help you to live your wildest fantasies.You won't be able to do without it, the pulses will stimulate your clitoris like never before, while the vibrations will take care of your vagina.A double vaginal and clitoral stimulation that you are going to recommend to your girlfriends !


This device has been designed according to specific criteria, to guarantee the pleasure of all the women who use it, while eliminating possible risks.Thus, the Womanizer DUO Stimulator is :

  • Hypoallergenic: in other words, you can use it without fear of any allergic reaction, regardless of your skin type.This sextoy is made from super soft-silicone.
  • Waterproof: so you can use your masturbation device in the shower, or even better, in the bathtub.It's made from super soft silicone.
  • Waterproof, so you can use your masturbation device in the shower, or even better, in the bathtub.It also allows you to wash it cleanly with soap and water, without fear of damaging it.
  • Rechargeable: this device can be used anywhere, even outside your home.Simply charge it fully to enjoy its benefits at any time.(charging time: 2 hours for 2 hours of use)
  • G spot and clitoris: the fact that this device stimulates both the clitoris and the G spot inside the vagina is a real asset for women.First of all, it satisfies every type of woman, regardless of her preferences, and secondly, it helps you discover new sensations.

Smart Silence: it is a patented device that allows the sextoy to activate only when it touches the skin.

Suitable for all women: two stimulation heads of different sizes are supplied, for a perfect adaptation to the anatomy of each one.


The Womanizer brand is without doubt one of the most appreciated sextoy brands by women.It develops new and more effective devices to give you pleasure, as well as products and accessories to maintain them.

As for the manufacture of clitoral stimulators, it is the leading brand on the market.So don't hesitate to try the new Womanizer DUO, for two in one pleasure.

More Information
Heating No
Battery Type USB Charger - cable included
Composition Silicone
Vibrating or manual Vibrating
Connected No
Stimulation of Clitoris, Point G, Vagina
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
SKU 98289
Color Pink
Color Pink
Brand Womanizer
For who Woman

How to use the Womanizer Duo Raspberry ?

Nothing could be simpler than using the Womanizer! You insert the outer part into your vagina.This flexible part, with an angle calculated to the nearest millimetre, will target your point G.

You place the outer part on your clitoris.Then press the buttons at the base of the sextoy to start diffusing the vibrations.You can vary the pleasures by juggling between each vibration mode, for orgasms personalised according to your desires of the moment.

You will have many combinations to test, all of which will lead you to an orgasmic explosion.

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Womanizer Duo Raspberry
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