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Stimulateur Clitoris Womanizer Premium Noir

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  • Stimulateur Clitoris Womanizer Premium Noir
  • Stimulateur Clitoris Womanizer Premium Noir
  • Stimulateur Clitoris Womanizer Premium Noir

Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator Black

SKU# 96942

  • Intelligent Clitoral Stimulator: Autopilot mode that selects the intensity.
  • Ultra Silent Sensor : Switches on only when in contact with your skin
  • 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, phthalate-free
Additional Information
Length in cm 15
Diameter in cm 3,5
For Her
Usage Clitoris
Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
Battery Provided Yes
Battery Type USB Charger
Color Black
Resistance to water Waterproof
Brand Womanizer
White Red Black Pink

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Womanizer revolutionized the world of female masturbation. The Womanizer Premium takes masturbation to the next level. The brand specialized in stimulating the clit has innovated again and again. She wants to give masturbation a meaning still unthought of today: It is a moment a unique experience every time. So that a solo pleasure session is unlike any other.

The Womanizer Premium offers a new feature that will no longer alert your neighbors every time you pull out your clitoral stimulator.

Imagine a sextoy who knows when to activate to concentrate only on your pleasure. This is what the womanizer Premium offers. One can easily consider this sextoy as an intelligent sextoy. Womanizer has developed a sensor called "Smart Silence". This sensor allows the clitoral stimulator to start only when it comes into contact with your skin. It detects when your body approaches the sensors and it then starts to deliver its pressure waves to your clitoris.

This feature allows it to be completely silent. It is up to you to come in silence, it will be the only way your neighbours will know that you have just taken out your sextoy again.

The world is beginning to turn to artificial intelligence. The sextoy industry will not escape it. Womanizer, precursor of the orgasmic revolution, offers you a functionality that can be described as unpredictable.

The premium gives you, of course, 12 vibration modes, which you can control at your leisure. You are the master on board, and you can choose how you will enjoy it, when and at what intensity. You know in advance what will happen.

Imagine that you can now let your stimulator decide how hard you will have your orgasm. You dream of it, Womanizer did it. You must activate the "Autopilot" mode, so that the Premium takes control of your pleasure. He will then decide at what intensity you will be eaten, it is he who will decide the intensity changes. You won't have to do anything else, you let him lead you to orgasm.

As if you're sleeping with your new gaming partner for the first time, you let them see what they can get you. With the Premium, you won't be disappointed. Give up completely to his "Intelligence" which will have as only objective to make you come!

You'll never know how you're going to get there but you're guaranteed powerful orgasms !

Like its predecessors, Premium is based on the same mechanisms.

The removable head of the stimulator will diffuse vibration waves around your clitoris, without even touching it. There's no direct contact with your clit. You can climb the curtains in less than a minute. Let us not forget that all the women who tested it claimed to have come in such a short time. You may even have multiple orgasms in a row.

With its new features, the Womanizer Premium promises to be a must for masturbation, and clitoral stimulation.

In addition to all the standard features, you will be able to entrust the keys to your orgasms to the sextoy, himself, guaranteeing you surprise and pleasure!

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