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Adulte Air

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The problem with one-night stands is that they last forever.


The problem with one-night stands is that they last forever.

I'm not sure when this all started. I remember when we met in the bookstore, but not the exact date. I remember our first kiss. It was on the street, in front of my car, a few steps from his house. He put his hands around my face and whispered his first lie to me: Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. And then he kissed me. When his lips brushed mine, I felt my whole body empty. Like when you dive from 10 meters. And his tongue seeking mine, while his hands continued to warm my face. It was good and scary. Maybe this was the beginning. That first kiss. The first page of a story with no tomorrow that loops around in my head like a never ending story.

This book was born from the Instagram account @Adult_Air, which chronicles the joys and sorrows of a woman facing unspeakable passion. Despite the thousand sentences posted on the account, there were still things to tell. All the love that was hidden between the lines of the censorship of Instagram. This love, you will read it here. Without filter and without concession.

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Made in France
Publisher Editions La Musardine
Number of pages 187
Brand Editions la musardine
SKU 98574
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Adulte Air
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