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Box Set: Nomi

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This box set contains 2 films: Fatal Desire: Close to the end of a hot party organized by Jack Vernier to celebrate his new novel "Orgasms under the bombs", he discovers the murdered body of Liza, a young au pair, apparently well-behaved and with nothing in her past, who lived at his house. On the scene, Mike, a detective, interviews everyone present. Soon, it becomes apparent that during that night and the day before, the young woman had increasingly perverse sexual relations with many of the guests. Was chaste Liza, rather, a nymphomaniac adventuress seeking to profit from her ephemeral liaisons with influential men? And if so, who could have killed her and why? Only the parrot knows the answer. No Limit: Former ski champion, Samantha BREAL has switched over to motorsports. Still unknown, she convinces her friend Phil to introduce her to Michael VOLBERG, a powerful entrepreneur, the owner of a racing team. He appears to be very apprehensive at the idea of a beautiful girl engaging in this sport. But Samantha deploys some very ... convincing arguments and seduces, in turn, Michael and his wife Lara... In a perfectly rendered evocation of the atmosphere of the motorcycle racing circuit, young men and women find release from the stress of competition in engaging in an entirely different kind of sport: "Life isn't just motorsports ..." cries a racer's girlfriend before impaling herself on the swollen member of her lover. Fellatio, cunnilingus, all kinds of penetration, from in front and from behind, follow each other in a frenetic rhythm, giving a great part to Melanie COSTE, who is completely uninhibited...
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Playable Worldwide
Director J.J. Mezori
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2009
Duration (min) 208
Language French
Casting Christina Bella, Dolly Golden, Nomi, Dora Venter, Tiffany Hopkins, Mélanie Coste
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Box Set: Nomi
€12.50 €24.99
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