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Her biography

Yasmine was one of the few actresses to have the chance to renew his exclusive contract with Marc DORCEL (2006) Production. An incredible achievement for a young woman who has lost her virginity at 23 years old. Yasmine is from Lyon, Yasmine and his husband were swingers couple. Then they want try to go to the porn industry. She worked as a nurse before the be a pornstar. We can see Yasmine in the most expensive European porno movie: "Casino No Limit" by Hervé Bodilis. With a budget of over 230,000 euros, this film will be a real event. She has done a buzz media, when she went at Cannes Festival. She was not wearing panties at the famous stairway at the Cannes Festival, the wind having raised her dress, photographers have taken pictures and capture this kinky moment.

Her filmography

Yasmine has an incredible filmography with DORCEL productions. We could see her many times in the collection DORCEL AIRLINES ("Dorcel Airlines / Paris New York" and "Dorcel Airlines Flight to Ibiza") but also she has the privilege of participating in two Pornochic: "Yasmine and Regina Pornochic 16" "Yasmine Pornochic 14". She also participated in the "Story Of Yasmine" under the direction of Hervé Bodilis.

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