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    Geisha Blossom Balls

    SKU# 7011306

    • Strengthen your perineum
    • 3 different sizes
    • 100% Phthalate-free silicone
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 7
    Diameter in cm 3
    For Her
    Usage G Spot
    Vibrating or Manual Manual
    Color Blue
    Resistance to water Waterproof
    Brand Pauline & Margot

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    You may not know it yet, but you can strengthen your vagina. Having a muscular vagina has several advantages:

    • A tenfold increase in sensations
    • You are in control of your orgasms
    • You have confidence in yourself

    If you have muscled your vagina, and if you have made it work effectively it will return it to you. A muscular vagina is a vagina that feels everything that is happening. During your sexual relations with your partner, you feel the stimulation of every square centimeter of your vagina, the sensations are increased tenfold!

    You feel the orgasm rising, you take control of it. You contract each of the muscles, you can delay this rise, and release them when you are ready to come. Controlling your vagina means controlling your pleasure, your orgasms, your desires. You decide everything that happens to you.

    You have confidence in yourself. You no longer have to be afraid, during your sexual relations, to undergo what happens to you. You choose when the orgasm explodes in you. Peace of mind in your sex life is a significant benefit. Your partner will feel and be even more excited.

    Every independent woman should be in control of her own pleasure.

    Pauline and Margot designed these Geisha balls to meet the needs of women. In this box, you will find several formats of Geisha balls.

    It has been designed for progressive exercises, so that you can take full control of your vagina, body and sensations.

    Different sizes and weights for progressive exercises and progressive pleasure, do not overdo it. Start with the simple and lighter ball to familiarize yourself with the use of Geisha balls. After one month, or when you really feel comfortable, you can move to a higher height and weight.

    The use of Geisha balls allows you to strengthen your perineum and vagina in general, but it is also a sex toy that will give you a lot of pleasure. Exercises are a source of delicious sensations that will most often lead you to an orgasmic explosion.

    Taking care of your body means strengthening it, of course, but with the best possible materials, for maximum safety. That's why Pauline and Margot have selected a 100% hypoallergenic and phthalate-free silicone to guarantee you a safe use.

    For all women who are assiduous in their exercises, you can even vary the pleasures, by using Blossom Balls in your bathtub. They are completely waterproof.

    Geisha balls are made for independent women who want to take control of their bodies and orgasms!

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