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L'homme sous pilule

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The itinerary of a couple in search of contraception, all in the form of a comic strip under the delicate pen of Anne-Sophie Delcour.

For the love of Lou, Max decides to take charge of contraception in his relationship and finds himself, despite himself, at the heart of an unusual initiatory journey.

Between a meeting with international star Daniel Craque, ambassador of the Happy with my Vasectomy campaign, a free ticket to Castraland, an amusement park dedicated to the myth of virility, and the sewing workshop of a superhero with contraceptive underwear, Max meets men of a new kind. They talk about sexuality, complexes and the desire for children. Max and Lou are forced to redefine themselves.

Will this exploration strengthen their love or damage their desire and feelings?

Comic book in French

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Publisher Editions Marabout
Number of pages 128
Brand Editions Marabout
SKU 98909
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L'homme sous pilule
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